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The launch of Greg Fitzsimmons’ Next Top Radio Show! Greg and Dave pay off the “Amy” story with a personal call, talk about sex, compare their lives, talk about moral systems they choose to use, talk more about sex, explain how Dave got into the porn business, and finally discuss who invented the spoon.

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  • Greg Fitzsimmons


  • Chuck

    Found my way here after hearing you on Adam Carolla's podcast. Great job on the podcast – you're a fantastic host.

  • Can't wait to listen to this! Wasn't up before I left for work. Loved last week's show and you on Carolla yesterday as well!

  • JohnnSmythe

    Great that you are keeping it up!!!

  • EM

    Hi Greg,

    I am contacting you because you need an assistant. I was listening to your spot on the Adam Carolla podcast this morning 8/18/2009 while you two you were lamenting the sorry state of assistants who don't assist. Depending on your needs I may be able to help. I get that you’re a busy guy and that in order to be creative enough to make money you need simple b.s. stuff to be done and to be done on time. There’s nothing worse than a small insignificant activity that doesn’t get done and so leads to a huge problem down the road.

    I’m college educated, not in the business, but looking to explore it with as little commitment as possible, like an intern of sorts. I essentially would like to view the creative process up close to see if it’s something that I may be good at.



  • warrenow

    greg , you are the best.. listen to you on sirius , stern , corolla -you are one of the most intelligent comedians

    ever , and very funny . keep up the good work.

  • michiel

    hey, maybe i'm daft, but i can't seem to find the url to subscribe without iTunes.

    Thanks and keep it going!!!


  • bruce

    i used to think you were funny. listening to you reminisce on the carolla podcast about the days when men could beat their wives illuminated for me what a piece of shit you are. i am horrified that you found a woman to marry you, you are a vile pig.

  • SadaZine

    Ok, my curiosity was piqued so with the very minimum amount of research I found this mySpace page for Amie Nicole Harwick whom I believe was on The Gong Show (why not listed on imdb?)

    Prove me wrong, children, prove me wrong.

  • Nathan

    I submitted your podcast to the Zune marketplace, not that anyone else uses a Zune.

    I know Fitz is not going to understand that sentence, but whatever.

    I’m sure you’ll get a HUGE bump in download number today, not because of the Zune thing but because you talked about your shit on Adam’s podcast.

  • Jason Scott


    I heard you on Adam Carolla’s podcast talking about needing an assistant. Someone who would rather do what you need to get done and have the chance to witness the creative process over playing beach volleyball and complaining about doing what you hired them to do.

    I’m 30 years old so I’m not a kid who thinks things should be handed to me. I have a great work ethic taught to me by my father who is a successful small business owner in the midwest. If you need someone you can rely on and who understands that it’s also an opportunity to learn, I’m your guy. I’m at step one of comedy writing and I’m willing to do what it takes to get in the door and I figured it couldn’t hurt to reach out and let you know.

    Thanks for your time and I look forward to speaking with you.

  • HGrady

    I heard about your podcast on Carolla's podcast. I'm looking forward to it.

  • LordStandley

    Heard about the show from Adam Corrola's podcast and had to download. Great show, I'm hooked now.

  • Geewhipped

    is there an RSS feed for the podcast?

  • glad you started a podcast fitz. fix the phone in calls tho because i couldnt hear anything amy said

  • Giovanni G.

    This is even better than Greg's Sirius show, it's fantastic!

    I really dig the Sirius show but rarely get a chance to hear it.

    Awesome that Mike Cioffi is involved, Greg's lucky to have him onboard, I cannot wait for episode 2.

    Too bad we can't get podcasts of the Sirius show for subscribers, I would have loved to hear what took place before the podcast recording.

  • just blogged about it here:




  • Ken

    I also heard about the podcast on the Carolla podcast, and I'm excited to get fresh Fitzdog content every week!

  • Chris

    What about a phot of Amy?

  • Jim F

    Heard you on Carolla – awesome. Your interview with Dave was very good – I look forward to your future shows.

    Your story about assistants was amazing. Maybe it's an age thing – I'm in my early 40's and have always busted my ass in every job I've ever had (including construction before I finished college). The piss-poor attitude and lack of work ethic from your douche-bag assistants with such an opportunity being handed to them is stunning.

    But hey, you were just lucky I guess.

  • Sean

    Hopefully Sirius will give you a better time slot because you have more than proved yourself. Certainly better than some whiny ass interns. Good luck Greg.

  • AlienC

    Found you from Carolla's podcast. Going to be a regular download for my long haul drives. DON'T Fuck it UP!

  • Tony

    Just curious Greg, but do you have ANY regrets in life that don't involve a missed opportunity to fuck a specific race before getting married?

    Seriously though, this is the best podcast on the internet.

  • Hooper

    You have a podcast and no RSS feed? Well, lots of luck with that. I like your take on things, but not enough to install iTunes on my computers and certainly not enough to buy an iphone.