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Greg and Tom Arnold sit down and talk about the business, and what Tom has done so far, being a part of the Comedy Central Roasts, getting stints and driving yourself to the hospital while having a heartattack, and what is was like to be molested as a young child, and then confront his molester later in life.

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  • Great show again! You and Tom had great chemistry. Mike is like your Benjy Bronk, only annoying and not funny. Looking forward to you heading to PA again!

  • The Singularity

    I take it back!! Great Show! Tom is such a good interview!

  • Patrick Bruss

    Love the podcast Fitzdog! Great to have you & Carolla both putting out great content.

  • JohnnSmythe

    The podcast is a great idea. You really do need more time and you need to be on earlier as your show is funny and intelligent as well. MizMen get 4 hours???…That underlyihg anger that permiates you really adds to the show. Tom was funny. You were great on Carolla last week. should be a monthly event between you two. However, I still find the sound quality/volume a bit uneven but you'll get it right I'm sure.

  • Robin

    I love your show.

  • JohnnSmythe

    I finally listened to the podcast. The quality was much improved over the first. Tom was great. The 2 shows flow together well, so if Sirius keeps you down at midnight man, you can tell them where to put it now LOL. MiZMeN my butt!

  • JayCeezy

    Greg, am loving the podcast. Always dug your appearances on Stern, but was turned onto your podcast from your Adam Carolla podcast appearance.

    Enjoyed your rap with Tom Arnold. However, your rant about CA's budget situation exposed your ignorance. Reagan was CA governor until 1976, and Jerry Brown was governor when the wheels came off in 1978 and Prop. 13 was passed. Reagan was US President in 1980. Admit it, you are just as uninformed and embarrassing as Charlie Sheen and Janine Garafalo. Stop embarrassing liberals, and just stick to the jokes. Your place in life is as a "Joke Bitch". So, do your job, Joke Bitch. That is all.

    Other than that, great comedy and look forward to your future work. Continued success to you, and good luck to your LAUSD educated children.