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First and foremost, Greg settles the debate about what to call his podcast, and decides to run with “The Greg Fitzsimmons Experience”.

After that’s out of the way, he interviews Harland Williams with Mike Gibbons in the wings lending an assist. They cover cameltoes, do a throwback to the SiriusXM show where a caller took umbrage with Harland’s opinions on 9-11, talk about cookies, stretching Brooke Shields, owning an Arby’s (Harland has a backup career), why Craig Ferguson hates Harland, and why the blacks are angry.

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  • warrenow

    worst guest on your show thus far, he was pretty bad on

    corolla also. this guys is not funny. are you friends with

    patton oswalt ? he would be good on your show . keep up

    the good work.

  • Tumbling Dice

    To be Fair, haven't heard this one yet. Harland is pretty hard to take. I thought he was awful on Carolla. I'll give this one a chance though. Probably get to it this weekend. Love the podcast and the Sirius show. I see that Greg was on Stern today. Oh boy, I'm looking forward to that!

  • Chris

    You're not Jimi Hendrix! I don't like that name for your pod cast. You should call it "Fitzcast" or with spaces like "Fitz Cast". It's simple and has a nice ring to it.


    "Greg's Not So Sirius Show"

    Get it? It's like…totally a play on words! *jumps out a window*

  • Brock Sampson

    what was bad about it? do u just not get Harland? Harland has a very dry off the wall style of humor. If u think hes not funny then ur not on the same page with what funny is…

  • doorst

    I have to disagree. Harland was great!! Greg was being a dick to him (what a surprise) but Harland is funny.

  • JayCeezy

    Brutal. You could hear the flop sweat oozing out of Greg's shrunken scalp pores. There is a reason Harland Williams never hit big, and it was on display for 20-some painful minutes.

    Two things: 1) The Dutch do not own 1/3 of U.S. real estate. Total foreign ownership of U.S. real estate is less than 2% overall, and the leading holders are UK, Germany and Japan. The Dutch are "Netherlands" and come in 8 or 9 (source: U.S. Statistical Abstract, available at any public library). So, Greg, don't go repeating something you get from Alex Jones or Mother Jones or Van Jones as fact. When you do, you are Sheen-like and Garafalo-like in your ignorance, and make liberals look like illinformed conspiracy nuts. For futher elaboration, see my post on your Tom Arnold podcast. Rethink your "quiet money" worldview.

    2) Leo Sayer is British, not American.

  • burdiman

    Man the Navarro-cast was awesome but this one was…mmmmm "lacking" so say the least. It seemed like they didn't like each other…brutal.

    I actually like Harland but this dynamic made me uncomfortable. Oh well…better luck next time. I will still listen.


  • Chris C.

    It might sound stupid but I honestly think that Greg should have Dave Navarro on again. Dave made that show extremely interesting and it wouldn't even seem recycled to do it again and it could never be too soon.

    I think Navarro breathed some life into the show and made it really funny. Greg KNOWS it too. If he can get another guest like that it'll be key to making his show on top. The Guests are the biggest part of the show that makes it above the rest. Any douche can be "witty" or attempt to be funny on a Sirius show but it's up to Greg to get some solid guests in. I know he's working with his garage and not a shit load of fame but he still managed to pull some cool guests so far. Very impressive. Shows that his personality works to his advantage and he doesn't need to push his fame on people to get guests.

    I love your show Greg and in no way am I one of these dickheads who calls in and says "you're a mean asshole" like that faggot Ralph but I do have my criticisms in the best interest for your show. I want to see it succeed!

  • dave

    Harlen williams or whatever his name is … umm.. what's a nice way of saying "piece of shit unfunny guy that you should never have on again?"… but you know.. just a little nicer. i don't want his feelings to get hurt

  • dave

    Harlen williams or whatever his name is … umm.. what’s a nice way of saying “piece of shit unfunny guy that you should never have on again?”… but you know.. just a little nicer. i don’t want his feelings to get hurt

  • Stacey E

    "Harland never hit it big"? He's as "big" as Greg, and you're more than happy to listen to him. Actually, I think it would be safe to say that he's "bigger" than Greg is. God, did they run out of room to complain on Adam's (Carolla) podcast page?

    Good thing we're not paying for these, if they're so damned unfullfilling.

  • Jeremy

    okay… I have listened to this cast more than a dozen times, and I have decided that it is BY FAR the funniest podcast I've heard. Here or otherwise.

  • Liam

    I think Harland asked Carolla and Fitzsimmons to fake fights w/ him.

    Harland's funny though. I like his oddball sense of timing.

  • sam erwin

    In response to:Harlen williams or whatever his name is … umm.. what’s a nice way of saying “piece of shit unfunny guy that you should never have on again?”… but you know.. just a little nicer. i don’t want his feelings to get hurt.

    Thank you for saying that.
    I don’t know if he has feelings, though.
    He’s too busy using people.

  • Anonymous

    I love this cast! It’s my second favorite next to the little know round table of gentlemen cast but that cast is blowing up and should be on this list soon. 

  • Kyla

    ARE YOU all KIDDING??! Greg’s Harland Williams podcast is the best one since he started it, hands down. Hysterical.