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Greg, hilarious comedian Lisa Lampanelli, and her fiance Jimmy Big Balls do themselves a little podcast. They talk about Greg assessing whether or not someone could beat him, and how badly, and that direct how he’ll deal with them. They also look back at the Sirius XM show, where Lisa ranks three countries from two different continents, they also talk about celebrity, dealing with exes, comics they don’t like, ranks a third continent, and talk about whether or not Greg can further with his career as a standup comedian.

Jimmy Showing Off

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Jimmy Showing Off

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  • Great show tonight Greg! Mike is like your Benjy, just slightly less annoying. Glad to see Cori is still involved in the show but miss hearing her on the show.
    You need to put out your own DVD like Artie did. There's your next level!

  • JayCeezy

    Nice. Lisa's gimmick is being mean, and she is the real deal. My favorite subject was "comics you don't like." I would have loved to hear some of the things Patrice O'Neal did to her, the general "he was mean to me" is tough to grab onto for the listener.

    Looking forward to the next one, hope you ask Jimmy Kimmel about his decision process for wig aquisition.

  • Chuck

    Ok Greg….you fuckin begged us to listen to your podcast when you were on the Stern Show…..So I'll check them out…I subscribed on iTunes.

  • Chuck

    Wait….you have to 'Moderate" your messages before they make it on your site? What a ….. Whatever fitzdog.