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Jimmy Kimmel sticks around after the Howard 101 show for the Greg Fitzsimmons Experience. Greg recaps what Jimmy ranked during the show, and then asks him to rank David Letterman and Howard Stern. They talk more about Stern, and about how sometimes going on the Stern Show can lead to strife, talk about how packed their schedules are, and how each deals with it differently, and talk about shit they pulled as kids.

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  • Giovanni G.

    This is my favorite episode yet, Kimmel was an awesome guest.

    It was very cool to hear him discuss his love of Stern and how into the show he is, 5-10hrs of listening per day is impressive.

    Greg had great questions throughout.

  • JayCeezy

    Great podcast, been liking the way you continue the conversaton from your Sirius-XM show and include a clip for context. The "ranking game" is great, and I especially like that there is no explanation or elaboration, and the guests are up for it. None needed. This length of show at 20-some minutes was also a plus.

  • nomorebullshiz

    it was hilarious when jimmy got on to the subject of the Hoff as the phantom,

  • JohnnSmythe

    Hey Greg,

    Jimmy was great, but I was hoping for a much longer podcast! you seemed to have alot more to talk about..

    Stern is away, you could have done 10 hours !!!

    Also, in you opening audio montage, what song/singer

    is that "well hey hey hollywood" from???

  • You can find “Hollywood” by The Paybacks at Look for “Ghettoblaster vol 2” in their “merch” section. Or, try and locate their album KNOCK LOUD. Great band!