Greg and Madeline Albright

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Greg runs into Madeline Albright! Possibly fights her, you’ll have to find out on Monday’s SiriusXM show and podcast featuring Margaret Cho.

Madeline Albright

Madeline Albright

Greg and Jake Johannsen

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Greg leads off the show with a shot at Marc Maron, and then explains why his guest this week, Jake Johannsen is the best. Between the two of them, with help from Mike Gibbons, they cover all sorts of topics, such as sex, masturbating on planes, hot asian women, the British, their wives, being happy. The end with two big topics, why did Ellen DeGeneres steal Jake’s act, and Greg says he’ll set up his staff in Los Angeles, producer Mike Cioffi, and intern Chance Dorland, with some ladies he’ll screen by the next show.

Greg and Marc Maron – Greg Fitzsimmons Experience

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Greg and Marc Maron get into it. After covering what they feel the business is about, and how they’ve handled their careers, they get somewhat political, and try to figure out where their leanings in the political spectrum truly came from.

Greg Fitzsimmons Experience – Rob Corddry

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Greg and Rob continue the radio show in the form of the new podcast, Greg Fitzsimmons Experience! They talk about Emmy’s, about what they like to see in their porn, Greg has the first advertiser on the podcast. They go on to talk about the business, Jon Stewart, the Daily Show, and what Rob is working on these days. They talk a little about memoirs, about what college was like, and how much sex they got then, and then wrap up with some discussion about the state of TV shows these days.

Also, don’t forget to check out for the free book Greg offered during today’s podcast.

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