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Greg and Marc Maron get into it. After covering what they feel the business is about, and how they’ve handled their careers, they get somewhat political, and try to figure out where their leanings in the political spectrum truly came from.

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  • Dudley

    Fitzie, the photos are your site are all fucked up, great show though, get silverman on for me

  • JayCeezy

    "Out of Neocons came FoxNews, Karl Rove, Halliburton." – Greg Fitzsimmons

    Yow. Even Marc Maron had to correct that one. Greg, once again, you have outdone Charlie Sheen and Janeane Garafalo in flaunting your political ignorance.

    A couple more for you. Suicide rate by income level is weighted towards lower-income, not evenly across all levels as you claimed. Intuitively, there are some problems only money can fix, and those who have money don't have those problems. Check it out for yourself, here.

    Also, Greg, 55% bankruptcy is not due to illness. Once again, you are incorrect. <a href="” target=”_blank”>

    Anyway, this podcast was compelling enough to listen all the way through. Like listening to fat chicks at the next table at the Starbucks, the ignorant opinions were car-wreckesque. Looking forward to the next one~!

  • Ryan

    Wow! Marc Maron- what a bunch of pseudo-intellectual dorm-room drivel. No wonder air america went under. Greg the swine flu did come from pigs

  • Karl

    Biting political commentary by a couple guys that think all conservatives are racist, Glenn Beck is a Republican and James Carville is a conservative?? Greg, I love your podcast but I think you and Marc swapped meds this week.

  • Sarah

    Marc, you are one of the ONLY smart liverals I have ever listened to. I am a very conservative republican and I'm glad you are honest about the deep down desire of many liberals which is communism. Unfortunately communism would also need to extend to those of your class and that would not be acceptable to most limosine liberals. It's never going to happen but it would be a wake up call!

  • Dave

    That was a neat podcast. I would like to know more about both your opinions on censorship.

  • Andrew Wallace

    Great show. I've listened to Mark Maron's–not as great. Politically I'm right leaning–that is to say fiscally conservative, but socially liberal, I think.

    Anyway, I found your discussion with Mark Maron very stimulating. I find both of your views interesting, but Fitz's to be more valid. Maron is a true believer. I've listened to a lot of right wing talk radio and I believe I've developed the ear to spot these things. He is Hannity's hemispherical mirror. To sum, I think his opinions exist in a vacuum in which anyone who opposes said opinions is either amoral, immoral, or unintelligent. He sounds like a smart guy. He's gotta be given his pedigree and position, but he does have the ring of an over-indulged intellect. I think likely he is the loudest, most impassioned arguer at his dinner party discussions. The type you might want to engage if it were earlier in the evening. But you're tired and the nuances take time to explain and he doesn't exactly sound like a disciplined listener.

    The most telling thing he said was when you pressed him about the genesis of his outlook. By the way, I must commend you, Fitzsimmons, for not letting him shirk that question. He said he came from a doctor father who was not there and a creative mother who watched the maid steal from them, but figured they needed it. This is a revelation. This is the crux of our divide. This is where the mother, who stays home to pursue artistic endeavors departs from the father who slept 2 hours a night during his residency. The mother who likely slept in while the father stressed about student loans and impending fatherhood. The mother who wouldn't clean the house and the father that employed the maid who now steals his sacrificed youth away one dollar at a time. The mother watches with charity in her heart and the father works in ignorant humiliation. I believe this to be the microcosm to explain the difference between Maron and myself politically. Again great show.

  • Mark Medlin

    Greg… more podcasts, you lazy piece of shit. I will send you some money or a picture of my cock whatever you want.

  • patrick

    Greg, what a borefest. Marck Maron is NOT FUNNY. You sir, are funny and entertaining. He is not, and his iTunes ranking is obviously BS. His podcast is unlistenable. His constant use of the f word is not entertaining. It should be used like a laser guided bomb, not a carpet bombing of every third word being fuck. Please, do us all a favor, and don't ever have him back on.

  • Hunter Graves

    So in my opinion, Mrac Maron is a really funny guy. I listen to his podcast too. Greg's had a multitude of diverse people on his show so far. He's not forcing you to go and listen to Marc's podcast, but I can bet you that some people were entertained by this and are now listening to Marc's. My father used to alway's ask why Howard Johnson's had thirty two flavors, and then would reply to himself that it was so everyone can get what they like. Marc Maron is just another flavor.

  • maronfan

    Amazing political banter. What a treat hearing you two talk politics. What I really love is how Maron can get under these reich-wing kapitalist klowns' skin. Communism is such a funny word as it's very mention is enough to make the biggest konservative douchebag suddenly piss his pants and lose all abilty to have a reasonable conversation. Anyway, great show, it really inspired my hippie commie heart.

  • fingerbo

    Wow. The haters really don't like or "get" Maron. I enjoyed this episode quite a bit. A passionate exchange of ideas and philosophies with a soupcon of bullying from the host to get a firm answer to a somewhat intangible question. Good stuff.

    Re one of the comments (not from a hater), the image of Maron as a "limousine liberal" is pretty funny.

  • mark_moron

    Mark, you make me sick. Your views are absolulty out of wack! You are crazy and should move to Cuba. You'll do great over there.

  • jimmy

    Dorm room progressive. What a joke. I stopped having these conversations when I finished college. Please get some education. Get some facts from more than one source, more than one point of view. Maron is no different than limbaugh or beck, just different end of spectrum.

    Rachel Maddow presents facts ?

    Please don't change my country to match your ideals. Yuck.