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Greg runs into Madeline Albright! Possibly fights her, you’ll have to find out on Monday’s SiriusXM show and podcast featuring Margaret Cho.

Madeline Albright

Madeline Albright

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  • I'm a regular listener to the Marc Maron podcast. I just listen to the one yoou were on and it was pretty good so I decided to Google you to try to find your podcast. When I typed in "Greg Fitzsimmins" , one of the suggestions I got was "Greg Fitzsimmins wife", so I clicked on it and found this website. I clicked on it and the first picture I saw was this one of you with Madeline Albright, and I was like "Holy Shit! I didn't know Madeline Albright was married to a comedian." Then I read the caption. Now I understand. Hey, there's an audio tab. Maybe that's a link to your podcast.

  • JayCeezy

    Albright, then Cho? Greg is mixing with ALL the hotties! Great picture, nice job of cropping at the top, and can't wait to hear the story behind it.

  • Mark Medlin

    Greg I think if you get more rich and famous that you could bang chicks like this.