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Greg talks to very funny friend Margaret Cho. Margaret talks about the sex life she’s been living since she last talked to Greg, and lately, she’s been more involved with her ass then she used to be.

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  • Mark Medlin

    I stopped jerkin off to the internet to listen to this podcast. Then I started again. Good one Greg! Hope you get Brian P. next week.

  • JayCeezy

    Is there anyone in show business who has gotten more bites at the apple than Cho? Didn't smile once, her forced shock-humor ("I'm trying to cum anally!") is somehow a little sad. She needs to put down her protest sign, and pick up a pen and write some jokes.

    Greg, you were very supportive and funny in the interview, Cho would just whine and didn't capitalize on your humorous generousity. I am a new fan of Brian Posehn, and look forward to next week's podcast, too.

  • Pampers

    Who is the other girl in the picture with Margaret and Greg?

  • Hey Greg. Love the show. Is it just me, coincidence, or has all that bitching paid off with the 7PM time slot? They have Riley on Wednesday at 12AM this week and you've been rocking supper time. Now if we could just get some bread!!!

    Got put on hold last time with Jake Johannsen but you didn't get to me unfortunately. Wanted to say that his wife Belinda Waymouth is hot! She looks like Michele Pfifer

    I'm curious about your podcast. Has Sirius told you to stop advertising it on the show? I say that because during the same show with Johannsen I don't remember you mentioning it. I stayed on hold till the end of the SIrius show and eventually hung up. Then noticed there was a podcast after and wondered if it's possible to call in during that and if I should of stayed on hold?

    Not like you actually read this shit anyway…fuck…why do you even put a comments system. You don't read this shit you miserable prick! I could say stuff like, "Greg loves semen" and you'd never know. But yea good PR move pretending like you stay in touch with your fans ball licker.

    Just kidding…love you. Why am I even apologizing….you're out back fucking your wife in that crazy tree house you built on an Adderall high.

  • Birdy

    After several of these podcasts, I came to a stark realization. Greg Fitzsimmons is not funny. At all. At all.

    Not what so fucking ever. He is loud, he is pissy, he likes to be raunchy. But not funny. I never laugh, not once at any of his "jokes". Are there jokes on here?

    hes just fitting himself into the tired Howard Stern mold.


  • JissleJohn

    Never thought I get a hard on by listening to a fitzsimmons podcast….

  • Jack

    I love the podcast, love the Sirius show. Please Fitz, no more of this attention-starved slunt. I felt physically ill listening to her. If you're going to have a self-obsessed, delusional, attention-whore on the show, at least make it a hot one.

  • mark medlin

    It so funny to me that some dumb cunt like Birdy would say that Greg is not funny when he is one of the only 2 or 3 comics out there now who is truly funny.

    Some people just like to make negative comments that only reflect on their own low self asteem. Keep fucking going Greg you little creepy lookin muther-fucker. You think your not likeable but was Bill Hicks really "likeable".

    NO you will not have your own sitcom on Lifetime but you will entertain a whole lot of dudes like me who will buy your stuff and listen to your sponsers. You just keep up the cutting edge niche like Ferrel kind of does with sports.

    I know Howard likes you because you are very listenable and unique. Now go take 3 adderall and jack off to gay porn.

  • Dave Watson

    Why do I want to hear sex stories from an unattractive, uninteresting, and unfunny whore?

    No more Cho.