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Greg does the podcast with Jim McClure, Greg’s producer, as well as one of the Howard Stern producers. They talk about Jim’s girlfriend, Howard Stern, masturbating, and putting things in your ass for medical reasons.

Greg and Jim

Greg and Jim

Cioffi and Chance

Cioffi and Chance

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  • matt (from pasadena)

    Sorry to be repetitive, but Ralph could be radio (extremely valuable element) and also a stepping stone to your personal Hugh Grant (to Leno leap-frog in the podcast ratings), one Mr. Howard Stern, with whom you have the potential to have a DEFINITIVE interview, ala Costas's 2-parter with Carlin, which somehow was even more informative than the 3.5 hr Archive Interview.

  • Mark Medlin

    Sorry Greg I love you, but I could not get through this one. What does Howard do when he can't book a good guest?

    Not this!

    Next time grab a homeless dude or a retarded midget with AIDS.

    Anything but this! The worst sin in podcasting is to bore people like this.

    Don't get down because your still very talented at this shit.

  • JayCeezy

    My favorite part of the podcast was Greg running down the checklist of prescription drugs he takes. I'm no doctor, but I wonder if he stopped taking the drug for ADHD, he would be so distracted that he wouldn't realize he was depressed.

  • JBrown

    I liked the old producers you had better. Gibby and Corey had much better stories and seemed more comfortable on air.