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After talking about how he got some sponsors recently, Greg starts to get into with guest Andy Dick. They talk about Andy’s pilot that hasn’t taken off yet, Andy meeting his racist/homophobic dad, how Andy’s son is a man now and gets a ton of pussy, whether Andy is sober, and after taking some of your Twitter questions directed to @gregfitzshow (keep them coming, he’ll answer them every week) he samples the orginal podcast opening theme that Greg did with Dave Navarro for Andy, which explains why he doesn’t use it anymore.

Greg and Andy - Back to Back

Greg and Andy – Back to Back

Greg and Andy - Just Finished the Show

Greg and Andy – Just Finished the Show

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  • JayCeezy

    A great episode, great attitude, great guest. Enjoyed your discussion of past jobs (NewsRadio, MTV, etc.) and the details of the Comedy Central pilot for Andy Dick. Great recounting of his experience with his biological father.

    Greg, hopefully you will talk about your book as it comes together. I will look forward to buying it. Congratulations on your sponsors, too, and I like when you list your upcoming guests even when they fall out like Brian Posehn did.

  • Mark Medlin

    I have not listened to this yet but I know I will like it. Great guest Greg. I would have sucked Andy's weiner to get him as a guest.

    Greg you must become rich and successful so you can bang hot chicks and still keep your wife and kids like all the black rappers do like snoop dog. I Just saw Doug Benson do standup and he was good. But you are the fucking bomb.

    You did a hundred times better infront of a small room. Please pay close attention to these coments and act on them like your life dependid on it even if there a spelling errors because the commenter is drunck.

    I hate when people are negative towards an entertainer on these because i know how fragile your ego's are so keep it up your big fag. Your good at this shit. I can't help it if everyone like Dane Cook. He Sucks but Carlin did not. What do you make of that?

  • warrenow

    little bit of overkill on the homo jokes directed towards

    andy . could of let him talk more . let andy be andy .

    love the show . you need more exposure .

  • Mark Medlin

    Why would you not make homo jokes about Andy Dick thats one of the funny interesting things about him. I want to know what the biggest blackest cock he sucked was like.

    Greg were is my fuckin CD that I left with you that you wrote "ebony and ivory" on in Indy. I have left enough drunken positive comments on this bitch that you could at least mail it to me.

    I also would like a picture of your little white cock and balls so I can photoshop them into andys mouth.

  • Mark Medlin

    One more thing Greg don't EVER get your picture takin with Andy like that because you are SHORTER and MORE GAY LOOKING than he is.

    Just busting balls Greg I love you and I worship your gay huge comic COCK.

    I am a star fucker, can I fuck you while i stare up at the stars.

  • B Collins

    As usual Greg does a great show. All the right parts mixed with interesting guests always a hit. Keep up the great energy.

  • ehh… bookmarked .