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After taking a moment to reflect on Dana’s career, and then listening to a clip of Greg’s SiriusXM show where Dana does a bit as Batman with the runs, Greg and Dana bust through some of the hot topics in the news.

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  • Giovanni G.

    By far my favorite ep of the podcast, just fantastic!

    I'd always wondered about the origins of Dana's Huell, even I had no idea the impression/bit was so closely tied to the ACS.

    Dana was hilarious, Greg was as well and in regards to the live event for BB, Greg was essentially the opening comedian and he killed, he came up after some very heartwarming stuff and was immediately able to shift the mood of the audience which ensured a great show for everyone who followed.

    Every comic killed and Dana did indeed "Crush" it.

    Thanks to Greg and Dana for even doing the show and agreeing to provide their material for the mp3 recording, it was a very cool thing to do.

  • JayCeezy

    Best line from Greg: "This is not a political show…."*crickets*

    One big improvement from past political screeds, Greg, is that you and Dana actually bothered to say WHY you feel the way you do about Sarah Palin, healthcare, etc. It is boring to hear you and your (always) liberal guest gang up on anything you don't agree with and talk in the liberal shorthand, i.e. "Halliburton, Karl Rove, Ronald Reagan, Bush Lied…" Dana Gould has been around L.A. it seems like forever, and I still don't know who he is.

    Bottom line is I enjoy your comedy and like it when you focus on your strength, i.e. when you were talking about Katt Williams. You really know what you are talking about, and your opinion has credibility. But when you yammer about politics, you are no better than the fat chicks at the next table at Starbucks. Happy Thanksgiving.

  • Mark Medlin

    Greg Fitz + good guest = great radio

    Thanks Greg