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After discussing their history with drugs and alcohol, David Koechner and Greg Fitzsimmons get into the knitty gritty of this podcast by talking about why they self medicate, the sizes of their junk, porn, sex, and how quickly they’ll whip it out. Greg alsostarts a new tradition on the podcast by playing a game with David called sexual over/under, which isn’t what you think it is. They cap it off with a little discussion about actor’s that David has been mistaken for in public by fans before.

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  • Mark Medlin

    I hate to comment on here before I listen to this podcast, but I feel compeled to say somthing about this picture.

    Leave the gay stuff to Richard and Sal. You guys just look sad. It's funny, but funny and sad.

    I would like to have seen some belly or some manass or some little Irish or Jew cock, that would have been nice.

    Keep on keepin on Greg your fuckin good at this shit.

    If your lucky i will leave another comment after I listern to this shit even though i know you do not read these you fucking cocksucker.

  • Mark Medlin

    Great Fing podcast.

    I like the penis talk. I personally have penis dismorphia. I'm probably a good size but my wife is black and I like black chicks so I watch alot of black porn and that is a big mistake because those guys are HUGE.

    Let's have cock off Greg I bet your penis is much funnyer than mine.

    Not bigger but Funnyer.

    I like it when a women just lies there and takes it I totally agree.

    Seriously, two very funny guys speaking freely and honestly very entertaining.

  • Scotty

    Holy Shit Greg Fitzsimmons.

    You are one funny fucker.

    Now get over here and powder my balls.

  • JayCeezy

    Awesome. You and David were clearly on the same comedy wavelength, that was a really fun listen.

    I liked your discussion of surgeries, prescription drugs, alcohol, etc. Not only do you know what you are talking about, but you were funny and honest and it was new information that I didn't know. Nice~!

    Next week I hope you ask John Salley why he thinks "white America" (his term) has turned and now hates Obama. Just because he is a big, black, athletic man with hate in his heart, I hope he doesn't intimidate you and you ask the hard questions. But, probably a good idea to leave them until the last five minutes.

  • Dude… LOVE the show. But seriously.. template websites suck. Its the easy and cheap route and it shows. Check out Marc Marons site, far superior to this p.o.s. The show sounds great, but a little more thought than a predesigned template website would help a lot.

  • Michael

    I love the podcast. I'm glad you're reverting to your previous format; a solid 45 minutes of great comedy. Keep it dirty and funny!

  • dan

    where can we find the video you were talking about? rock and roll hall of fame?