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Greg and John Salley talk about everything except sex in this podcast, and then end the pocast with some sex talk.

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  • JayCeezy

    Best exchange, when Greg talks about struggling to finish his book:

    JS: Note to self, do not hire Greg to write %@#!

    GF: Four Emmys. You might want to hire me for that.

    LOL~! Awesome, with pro timing. Recently I have read and enjoyed latest books by David Cross, George Carlin, Craig Ferguson, Jeffrey Ross, Larry Wilmore, Chelsea Handler, Artie Lange, Jim Norton, etc. Greg, your book will be great, I hope. Don't let me down.

    Great conversation about marriage, children, travel, working to live vs. living to work, Dave Chappelle's priorities, Greg and John's theory of martial force, great brawl story, and even the conspiracy stuff at the last 10 minutes was interesting because you both knew what you were talking about (instead of the sarcasm and buzzwords that substitute for opinion). Anyway, loved it, great stuff. Next time, ask John Salley about sex, and if he prefers black beans to white beans.

  • SamEyeAm

    Put this on itunes now!!!

    That is all.

  • JayCeezy

    One more quote from the podcast, too rich to let slide, was John Salley talking about men, and cheating, and Tiger Woods: "It's right there in the bible. King David. That's all I'll say. But they put it in the bible 500 years ago." LOL~!