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This week Greg does the podcast by himself after a guest backs out at the last second. After busting the balls of his producer Mike Cioffi and intern in absentia Chance Dorland for their respective dating lives, he sums up the previous SiriusXM show he just did, talks a little about politics, sports, his balls. He wraps up with a story about a massage gone wrong, and an email from Rob Corddry about David Koechner and ANOTHER comedian that Koechner looks like.

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  • RICK

    zach galifianakis backed out????? WTF???

  • JayCeezy

    I hope Mike Cioffi has fun on his second date. It is always nice to meet a good person, and even if it doesn't work out maybe she has a friend who is more geographically desirable. Cioffi seems like a good guy, and Greg seemed like a smug, upper-middle-class white d*ck who was busting on him while secure in going home to his second-hand wife and kids who are not really even his. Actually, that explains why his stepkids are products of LAUSD; why put money into something when there is a limited upside?

    Anyway, have fun Cioffi, life is long and the right lady is out there for you.