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In the most epic episode of the podcast to date, Greg and Mike actually max out the CD-R the podcast is recorded to. While doing so, they try to get to the bottom of Chance’s problems with his parents, give him some solid advice for his internship at the Howard Stern Show, talk about parenting, about how to be good parents, and shaved balls.

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  • JayCeezy

    Liked it. Didn't mind the length, which had been a problem for me in the past. Cioffi was fun, Chance will be missed, and Mike O'Malley was a fun and interesting guest.

    Greg, you just can't help yourself when it comes to promoting your political agenda. It really is offputting. I recently came across a Steven Covey quote that made me think of you: "Seek first to understand, then speak."

    Anyways, too funny to listen to a couple of privileged white guys with nannys, gardeners, shrink(s), pool service, maids, etc. try to tell the common man what to think.

  • JayCeezy

    You know what makes no sense? Not that Greg puts hands on people in anger. But that he admits it publicly on an .mp3. He claims to have done it twice, the last time punching a guy in the face for driving too close, just six months ago.

    First, I don't believe Greg. It is just impossible to assault somebody in 2009 and not be arrested or sued, if you are a normal citizen. Secondly, Greg just admitted to a felony and has put his family's financial future at risk. Is it possible that he really thinks it is ok to do this? If this guy does not know who Greg is, if Greg gets famous the guy will be able to identify him and then sue. When that happens, Greg's kids will be going to LAUSD not by choice, but by necessity.

  • mark medlin

    Sorry greg i stoped comenting on here because i thought it was way to sad to keep comenting on your podcast site. And then I thought fuck it…. why should i not keep comenting on this shit. I have not listened to you latest podcast but i will.

    I'm sure i will like it. You are inovative and real. You are very fucking funny and I have a seacrite fantacy about being your friend in real life. But that would be too much to ask you little fucking fag.

    Keep producing shit and I will consume it and buy it and listen to it. Then I will stawk you and try to suck your comedy cock. And you will let me because you are a huge fag.

  • Chuck

    Spot on Greg. Length matters, and there's no such thing as "too long".

    Next time that happens, stick another CD in the recorder. I know they're horrifically expensive and you're struggling to get by and all, but that was pure comedy gold and you were digging it up in choonks.

  • Matt

    Greg- Fan from New Zealand. (hanging off the ass of the world). Your sweet lil' voice travels to every inch of our planet, and it brings much happiness.
    Curious if Zach Galifianakis will be appearing at a later date, since he missed the last show?

  • chris

    Is this the same Mike O' Malley from Nickelodeon GUTs??? If it is I will die.

    "Back to you MOE!!!"

    "thanks moiikeee"

  • AJohnson

    Greg, I agree that Republicans are assholes, but do you really think the Democrats are any different? Their just beholden to different groups of people. Funny that you bring up education as a Republican problem since the Democratic teachers unions are the ones that fight tooth and nail against any reform in the public education system, including merit based pay and charter schools. Meanwhile all we do is throw tons of money at the public school system to not educate our kids. This is the main problem with most democrats I know; they think that people are entitled to shit just for showing up and hanging around, and not for actually doing good work. As a resident of the bankrupt state of California I would think you might recognize the problems with this thinking.

    Politics aside, I love your show. Always funny and always entertaining.