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Mike Gibbons is back, and Steve Agee is here for the first time. Greg, Mike, and Steve recap the show they just did on Stern 101, and then share some recent anecdotes from their lives.

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  • JohnnSmythe

    Your podcast ,as always, is a great addition to the sirius show. Them there pricks at sirius should give you more time, unless you make more money with the podcast.

    It's a shame they keep you down at midnight and give the 7pm slot to other, less deserving twats.

    Well, keep up with the anger

    and Happy New Year!

  • JayCeezy

    Mike Gibbons should be on every week.

    Greg, it is hard to believe how little traction this podcast is getting. Combined with your Twitter following, which is growing at the same rate as the movement of the tectonic plates, I am wondering if this is worth your while. Glad that you are able to piggyback the guest and technical stuff on the back of the Sirius show, so at least you aren't going too far in the hole on this.

    Also, nice story about going to Europe for six months as a teenager. This combines nicely with your massage story a few weeks back, to fill out a picture of your entitled dilletantist worldview. Keep it up, it is great listening.

  • satan

    good show…when will you have more time on sirius? but good strategy with generating ad revenue via the podcast capitalizing on the technological paradigm shift that is currently dominating our conciousness. I am supremely satisfied with your luxurious audio and hope to witness more of your lyrical and spiritual genius for many moons to come. I would love to call in and hear your tempting tone directly in my ear hole.

  • JohnnSmythe

    Hey Greg,

    Went to the audible website. Nothing FREE there.

    They want me to sign up for a "FREE" trial.

    F' that, Greg!

    Was looking forward to the Burt Reynold Moby Dick.

    Sucks shit, Greg!

    But I still like your show.

    Oh, and get snowtires if you need more traction.

  • Chuck

    Hi Greg, I just want to say I loved this podcast and I can't believe you didn't call Steve out on that Obama decade goof.

    "It seemed that way at the beginning of this decade when Obama was, er, hired."

    Unless I slept in for 10 years, I'm pretty sure Clinton was still in office at the beginning of the decade and Obama's had just over 11 months.

  • mark medlin

    I have not listened to this yet but i feel justified in commenting on it. I feel this was great even though i have not listened to it yet. greg was awsome and so was steve agee or whatever the fuck his name is from fuckin sarah silverman and used to work on reality tv and is a big giant fag who is funny.

    Love Mark

  • Alex From Philly

    Steve Agee is a giant monster. I remember how Teresa Strasser said that he would cry after sex. Giant faggot.

    Love the podcast, Greg. I signed up for Sirius again to hear your show!