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Greg has Sugar Ray frontman, Howard Stern fan, and former entertainment newscaster Mark McGrath on today’s podcast. After talking about the SiriusXM show where Greg pitched a gameshow idea to anyone willing to buy it, and Mark was confronted by a caller who said that Mark slept with his girlfriend, they end up talking about where the lives are headed after the places they’ve already been.


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  • Love the show, kind of a guilty pleasure like the way you acquaited Jokehunt in that I enjoy being pessimistic following the show and it really makes me think creatively of things that are funny in my own life… See u at the Stress Factory!! next Friday I'm psyched!! bringing my mom for her bday!!

  • mark medlin

    Greg, I thought you were an ok looking guy until i saw this picture with Mark McGrath.

    You look like Marks retarded brother, or you could be a gay Sugar Ray groopy.

    Have not listened to this yet as I like to comment before I listen. Steve Agee was good he is an interesting dude, wish you had more time with him.

    Greg I want to jack off and have you make me laugh while I cum at the same time I'm laughing. I will call it a laughgasm.

    Then I want you to make me laugh while I'm shitting and cumming at the same time. I will call this a laughacationgasm.

    Later dude

  • JayCeezy

    Just listened to the Mark McGrath podcast. Forgot what I was goiing to say after reading Mark Medlin's post. Looking forward to Joe Rogan next week.

  • cheflarz

    Shit I can't remember the name of the show, some music trivia game show, but Mark was brilliant and funny. He reall is one of those guys you want to diss but is really a good guy. Great show Gregg. I am a new loyal listener.

  • redwald

    What happened to that video of you and Sugar Ray where you think he's Jewel?

  • PaulfromSeattle


    Great show!

    You ask the questions that no one else has the balls to.

    In an age of bullshit and political correctness your honesty is a breath of fresh air.

    Keep up the great work!

    PS: Your comments and insights regarding depression have made a great impact on me.


  • Karl

    FYI gents…..'Animal' from the Muppets was based on Keith Moon of 'The Who.'