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Greg and Mike Gibbons have legend stand-up comedian, actor, and this year’s AVN Awards host Dave Attell on today’s podcast. Dave, Mike, and Greg talk about the pressure of hosting the AVN Awards, the plight of Conan O’Brian and the Irish in general, and which one of Greg’s kids will most likely smoke pot. They field Twitter questions, talk about Artie Lange’s depression, learn why Dave refuses to see Precious, and talk stand-up comedy by ranking five popular comedians.

Dave Attell and Greg Fitzsimmons

Dave Attell and Greg Fitzsimmons

Below is the image that Greg and his song designed for the new logo. Design a professional logo somewhat based on the below design, and the one Greg thinks is the best will get $200. Submit your logos to Greg’s Twitter account by sending a link of the image in a reply aimed @gregfitzshow.



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  • Eik

    Hey Greg,

    I'm from Rostock, Germany and I want you to know that you're loved all over the world… Your show is great and I'm really glad that you've expanded your "empire" and do a podcast… And although I'm from Germany and we have a comedian who filled a 70,000 soccer stadium, I think I can judge that you have the greatest guests in comedy. I am really sorry that most of my friends don't speak english so they can't enjoy some real comedians…whatever, I really enjoy your show and I hope you keep up the good work…..BIG UP from a former Eastern German………….(sorry if I my english grammer sucks…)

  • Great show, this was one of my favorites. But where and when is this 'show at a college in Indianapolis?' Can't find it on the site.

  • JayCeezy

    Greg, please don't play up this "Irish" thing where Irish are victims; you are born to an American semi-celebrity who paid for your private college education and you make a nice living writing jokes. Nobody is keeping your Irish @$$ down. There is no comparison to The Black and slavery. FYI, the Irish chose to come to America but couldn't afford to pay their own way or even to keep a roof and food for themselves, whereas The Black were sold by other Blacks. Here is a definition of Indentured Servitude so you don't make that mistake again.

    btw, your son is correct not to skate on tennis courts; it messes up the courts for tennis and they are quite expensive to resurface. You should congratulate your son for respecting rules and others, not belittle him.

    Attel was a great guest. Cioffi is fun, he should feel free to talk more. Anyway, nice job again.

  • JayCeezy

    So glad Attel called Greg on his b.s. when Greg claimed the CIA introduced 'crack cocaine' into black ghettos in the '80s. This hoax is so old, it has been around since the '70s!

    Also, enjoyed Greg angrily defending illegal immigrants with "if a Guatamalan can take your job, then you suck!" Don't know which is more shocking, his revealed racism or his bourgeousie disdain for working class people. Still, the anger is funny. Keep 'em laughing, Greg, and have fun in Indy with Bob & Tom.

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  • mark medlin

    Greg Fitz + Good Guest = Podcast Gold

    These arows represent the jizz coming out of my dick as I listened to this podcast ………..>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>.

  • dan


    Thanks for being the man. We need more people like you dishing out real shit. Just wanted to say thanks.


  • How can I just send you the logo? Worked on a few versions.

  • Matt


    I just started listening to the podcasts. I really like them and appreciate your honesty (especially about depression and proper treatment). It is great to hear someone talk about depression openly. In reference to Artie, I am a fan and miss him on Howard, but would rather have him take control of his demons first and foremost. If that means never doing that show or any again, then so be it.

  • NJ Bulldog


    Just came over from Ace's podcast. Thanks for the laughs and I hope you keep this podcast going.

    Now I'm really not going to get anything done here at the office!