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Belladonna is Greg’s favorite guest to have on, because she doesn’t wear her “porn hat” when she talks to Greg. After playing part of a comedy piece that Belladonna and her husband Aiden had recorded with Greg for the AVN Awards when Greg had hosted, they start talking about the relationship between Belladonna and Aiden. Aiden and Belladonna both have very certain turn ons, and talk about waiting for their partner to deliver those scenarios, and what their ultimate fantasies are. After talking about for a moment, Greg then recaps the SiriusXM show, which featured Jackie the Joke man, and ends the podcast with some topical talk, and a recap of the listener contest to design his logo.

Which is making the sex eyes?

Which is making the sex eyes?

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  • Fred

    some of the most disguisting porn I've EVER SEEN, in the BAD kind of disguisting way, was with BellaDonna. She is a little more than gross. I once saw a forced-lactation lesbo bondage s&m clip with her in it that I couldn't stop watching becuase she was crying and comming and screaming. I also caught a few seconds of her in a threeway with a gay dude and a tranny once. Blech.

    Greg I mean this in the straightest way possible: if you had a full head of hair you'd have movie-star good looks.

  • Darren Webb

    Hey Greg. Love your show. You're hilarious!

    I can't wait for each episode.

  • mark medlin

    Greggers, I'm sorry what i have commented about your pictures in the past. Because you look totally masculine and hot in this picture, and your taller than this chick.

    Have not listened as always yet but I'm sure it will be great. Just keep doing what no one else is doing on these podcasts because content is king on these mother fuckin free podcasts.

  • JayCeezy

    Porn is not my thing. Not judging, but this did not interest me and I couldn't hang with it. But, there is always next week.

  • Jerome

    dude… porn is great, but its because you dont have to hear these buckets talk. without looks and sexual promiscuity, this chick is a zero. hope you had fun looking at her greg, because it was hard to listen to.

  • chuckfromseattle

    Belladonna is the best cocksucker on earth !!!! (next to my wife)

  • Josh

    Where you poking her with little fitz?

  • Dia duit Fitz Dog. Caidé mar tá tú? Jenz

  • Hutch

    another boring pornstar interveiw,it's the same as Howard Stern when he has these porn stars on.ok Belladonnas hot but pornstars are boring as hell.

  • allan


    i find both you and belladonna disgusting. but that is a very good pic of both of you. kudos.

  • Ryan

    Yeah, love the podcast…. But this was awful. Very hard to listen to.

  • Patric E.

    I don’t know what everyone is talking about, It was a great interview. I’m not in to Belladonna’s work. I actually watched a little last night just to make sure. Anyway, it was good, keep it up.