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This week Greg welcomes actor/comedian Joe Rogan to the podcast. Joe talks about having a marginalized opinion because he is a conspiracy theorist, and Greg talks about his recent plane masturbation. They take twitter questions, talk deprivation chambers, and learn the results of a spinning heal kick to the jaw from Joe.


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  • Dia duit Fitz Dog. Caidé mar tá tú? Did you decide on a logo yet? Jenz

  • nater

    Hi Greg. I am an Ace Rockolla fan and decided to imbibe in a few of your podcasts after hearing you for years on His various shows. You'd better be good mother f#@ker… Have a great day!

  • JayCeezy

    Joe Rogaine was a great guest, completely nuts. Best quote: "It's tough to make a f@#$% living as a pool player, and that is a problem….I don't know what I'm talking about."

    Greg, you are frightening when you talk about conspiracy theories. It is the height of intellectual laziness. Joe hides behind the "I'm just asking questions, here!" but there is no real seeking of knowledge (which is easily done). Listening to you two talk out of your @$$es is like listening to a couple of college freshmen try to impress each other at a 3am bull session. Case in point, Kennedy did start the Space Race, not Nixon, as you can see here.

  • twospan

    If you don't believe in conspiracies, then you don't believe in history.

    Watergate, Gulf of Tonkin, BCCI, Iran-Contra, ENRON, Worldcom, Tyco, Downing Street Memos, etc.

    The "Fake Moon Landing" conspiracy theories are COINTELPRO (state-sponsored disinformation & disruption).

    If we didn't go to the moon, the USSR would've called us out. And dozens of major nations have telescopes that can see the evidence of trash we left behind at landing sites.

    As for the idiots who can't distinguish between a retard conspiracy theory and an authentic, historic conspiracy, enjoy your sophistry. It will take you far in life.

  • JayCeezy

    And another case in point, Joe is correct when he states that there are 700 legal marijuana dispensaries in California. Don't know where Greg got his "5,000" figure, but he is clearly talking out of his @$$ as one could tell with his quick backpedal.

    Greg is often wrong, but never in doubt.

  • mark medlin


    I think you are the funniest dude out there but you and Joe sound like total fucking retards when you use the word "marginalize" and talk about the moon and solar flares.

    Please stick to what you are good at, telling jokes, you are comedians not scientists. To those of us that have a science backround it sounds really fuckin stupid. I love Joe also but he needs to go back and sit through the highschool science class that he probaly failed.

    I still want to suck your cock.

  • markmedlin

    Greg was my comment to meen and you censored it.

    I am a huge fan who buys your stuff and comes to see you when you are in indianapolis. I really apologies as I allways try to stay positive because I don't want to bring you down because i think you are the best most inovative podcast and comedian out there. I will never comment anything negative again because i don't want to discurage you and i know how sensitive artists can be.

    Sorry Mark

  • Thank you for the twitter question answer period. It made my day when two of my favorite comics gave me advice. I did my first open mic… I have a lot to learn but it was a rush… Thanks again for the advice

  • nater

    Greg, I enjoyed the podcasts and think you're a funny guy. I have to give it to JayCeezy there when he says "intellectual laziness". Ever noticed your pattern of believing "to conspire" only as it pertains to corporations that are thought to have ties to republicans? Corps are 50/50 Dem and Repub, Unions are 95/5 Dem, and Dems hold supermajority in both houses, and POTUS. So who really has influence and the power to make their dreams come true. Why are you not attacking the greatest hoax of our time, Man Made Global Warming, or are you just a true believer. As a libertarian forced to vote Repub, I'd love to see you be an equal opportunity offender.

  • mattfrompasadena

    Listened to this synched up with Lesbian Anal clip off xHamster w exact same runtime. Not quite Dark Side of the Moon w Wizard of Oz, but entertaining nonetheless.

  • sean

    I've been a regular listener to the Sirius show since its been on, but recently started downloading your podcast…the podcast is great. I actually just started Adam Carolla's too which was great when you came into his podcast. Keep it up Greg!

  • Greg! Your show on sirius fucking kicks ass, hardcore. I love it, you run a tight ship but the show feels loose and fun. I would listen to two hours, no problem. Golden. I'm in the same scenario as that guy sean ^

    Joe Rogan thinks a lot like me, fascinating. I love when conversations go into total grey area. People tend to run from that to their safe spot, or stories of masturbation, but just lubricating people's minds is enough for me. Thinking outside of the box brings us such beautiful art, music, cinema, literature, comedy…. why are our intellectual mavricks, people who question societal norms so easily "marginalized" FUCKING GREAT SHOW!

  • Simthedude

    Has anyone heard Nathan Diaz's conspiracy theory about Joe Rogan?

  • danno

    if you guys like indulging in crackpot theories i'd suggest listening to the No Agenda Show (.com), it's some great analytical theory to what's actually happening in this world. but judging from most of these comments i'm guessing most of you just soak in the boob tube brain washing…

  • Associate.VP

    Completely unlistenable this week. Boo!

  • nater

    A real conspiracy is why my brief and concise comment about the very real hoax of man made global warming was "awaiting moderation" but didn't make the comment cut. Believing in conspiracies makes you aware of human nature; only believing republicans are capable of them makes you stupid. Moderate that.

  • jn

    Yet another of Joe's statistics that were wildly exagerated – tiger attacks in the Sunderbands used to be about 50 or 60 a year. Not even close to the 1500 a year he was implying.

  • kacy

    Check out this funny video of Joe Rogan clowning on Dr. Phil here: