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Greg and Adam Carolla synergize for this week’s ultimate podcast.  Greg talks about his crush on Adam’s wife, why Adam is so unlikable, and Adam reflects on his final days on radio. They take twitter questions, theorize about the lack of African-American ditch diggers, and Adam gives Greg tips on the building of his son’s tree house/incest room.

GF and Ace

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  • ToneLoc

    Get it on!!!

  • pretty awesome, funny stuff. Keep up the good work. It's good to hear people who appreciate honesty and promote it to our society.

    Just a note, I'm not too aware of this network (if it exists yet). Maybe like you said about your own branding and bringing your own material under one brand, make the "ace network" a little more branded so we know we're listening to it, not just individual podcasts.

    Maybe a sign off or opening sound effect saying "you're on the ace network" with a nice chime or something like the more you know stuff, haha

  • Mike S.

    Carolla, you are lookin' like an old man!

  • JayCeezy

    Very nice and entertaining podcast, both funny guys. I notice Greg is confident when he is being 'funny', but not so confident when he is being 'smart'. Loved the "Kool-Aid" bits, you were cracking each other up.

    Greg was also awesome on the Carolla Improv podcast shows, he saved the shows from going in the toilet when the chicks ate the mic. Both Greg and Adam are working on books, and I can't wait to buy and read them; hope Greg talks about it as it comes together. Looking forward to Bill Burr next week, just saw his DVD standup special "Why Do I Do This?" and is was great.

  • Associate.VP

    Fun! Thanks for the laughs.

  • Dan

    This was awesome! Thanks

  • G. Bundle-Stacks

    Yeah! Get it the FUCK on! Im glad to hear that you are teaming up with the Ace Man. Hope to see you at the next live event, I will love to witness another one of your ear rapes, like the one you gave that heckler over in Irvine. You are a major MAJOR stud in my books Fitz. Like The Ace Man always says your doing the Lords work, keep it up Fitz Man.

  • mark medlin

    The founding fathers of good podcasts. Compare these guys to Tom Green and Mark Maron who suck. My dream podcast would be Doug Benson I love movies with greg adam and leo laporte.

    I would pay for this shit like i did when adam asked for money for bald bryan. But that show sucked, I would like to pay a subscription to adam and greg and doug and leo. But I must be able to download it and use it any way i would like.

    I would also like to jack off and shoot a load into my own face.

  • Joey C

    Yep, FitzDog radio is better than the "GF Experience". BTW, this podcast kicks a$$. I'm totall caught up on the last month or two worth of podcasts. Fitzsimmons is honest and hilarious. Keep it up!

  • MEK

    I am saving this one for a rainy day. The two best podcasts in existence come together! Greg I hope you do more than one a week when you get on the Ace network.

    Adam, your girls did great on the Parent Experiment. Tell them to keep it up!

  • CueBiz

    I listen to your sirius show and podcast every week and laugh my ass off. This was the first time I couldn't get through the whole show. You and Adam do not flow together at all. Everytime you would say something witty and funny. He would start some long winded boring fucking story. Fitzdog don't go commercial just stick to what you do. Dark comedy rules! And you have great tits!

  • MEK

    Sorry, Greg was excellent on the Parent Experiment too!

  • Max_G

    Really enjoyed this podcast, huge fans of both guys and I am looking forward to hearing even more of Greg under Ace Broadcasting Network.

    Btw, Greg you said how a person's strong opinions and willingness to speak their mind make them unlikeable or unaffable(?) I would argue that's exactly why I enjoy both Greg and Adam's podcasts so much. Their willingness to say what's on their mind regardless of how it may offend others is EXACTLY what makes the two of them so likeable.

  • Ashole

    FITZ get on adams system

  • Great show! Just getting into you Fitz but am long time fan of the Ace…loving you though Greg, u and Adam together is up there with Adam and DAG! High praise BTW….I know theres a few DAG haters out there. Keep it up guys


    awe man, talk about a duo for a day, great show!!!

  • HMDClothing

    Awesome!! Mike, I heard you on Adam's podcast. I knew who you were but didnt realize how cool you were. I respect your "take no shit from people" style. I'm subscribing to Fitzdog Radio now. It has a great flow. Easy to listen too. THanks for all the effort you put out and for making this podcast available!

  • stnuntrned

    Hello, Adam,

    Have you given Lynette a copy of Dr. Laura's book?

    Just maybe this book could lead to having the aroma of bacon and a prepared breakfast greet you when you start your day.

    And how neat it would be if the Teresa and Lynette "Parent Experiment" podcast got a call in from Dr. Laura after the book had worked its magic.

  • stnuntrnd

    Title of the Dr. Laura book (in the comment above) is "The Proper Care and Feeding of Husbands"

  • Chester

    Fitzsimmons is right. Adam Carolla is funny (occasionally, anyway), but he is not remotely likable.

  • Yeah, maybe get Engineer Anderson to put something together with some genero-rock baring and "Ace network, Ace Network, Ace Network" all in different speed voices ( chipmunk, devil, etc).

    LOL, Anderson is such a tool, which is why he fits in perfectly with that in your face radio spew.