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Greg tries something new with this week’s podcast … He does a monologue in his car on his way to the Jimmy Kimmel Live! greenroom where he interviews comedian Greg Giraldo while he’s getting made up for the standup set he does on the show. In the monologue, Fitzsimmons talks about some recent news, and dances around the different titles he can use for what he wants to call this new bit. When he chats with Greg Giraldo in the makeup chair, they discuss different things they’d like to apologize for.

If you’re looking for Greg Giraldo’s appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! done minutes after this podcast, then look no futher! Check it out below:

Greg Giraldo doing standup for Jimmy Kimmel Live! just minutes after doing this week's podcast

Greg Giraldo doing standup for Jimmy Kimmel Live! just minutes after doing this week's podcast

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  • Sebas

    Very nice bonus feature. More any time.

  • pimp_juice

    Awesome stuff, the new segment is awesome. Thanks dude.

  • wow

    You almost broke the 30-minute mark with this one…nice job

  • JayCeezy

    Giraldo was a lawyer, who then became a twice-divorced philandering alcoholic comedian. Character issues don't go away just because you joke about them. It doesn't help that he is the angriest, least memorable and least funny on those roasts. Can't even recall a single joke of his.

    Fitz, nice that you are organizing a benefit in a coffee house with Greg Berendt, Jake Johannsen, Wendy Liebman, and a bunch of other comics that are past it. Tough economy out there…

  • Josh

    Fitz, there's something to be said for the luger assuming that risk, but isn't there an implication that the track designer and Olympic committee assumes some of the safety responsibility when making the course? The luger doesn't have complete control over that process, therefore, any other parties participating in staging the event and making any of the equipment and apparati, are also responsible. Now, should they assume full, or even primary, responsibility? No. But they're culpable to a degree, and an apology acknowledges their part in the unfortunate event. From a purely legal and financial position, I definitely do not think the Olympic committee or track designer are responsible for compensatory damages. That's obviously assumed by the athletes. Further, there were many lugers that navigated that turn without harm, therefore, the family of the fallen luger, doesn't have much of an argument with respect to the level of danger associated with that track and turn in particular.

  • Jim

    Awesome podcast, even on the cuff like that. You are a funny mo fo. Thanks and keep it up.

  • G. Bundle-Stacks

    Hey Fitz man, let’s just call the segment, Sorry My Ass. Or maybe if you do end up teaming up with The Ace Man, you can do a spin-off of This Week In Rage, and call it this Week In Worthless Apologies. Keep up the good work Fitz-Dawg. I will make sure to head out to Venice to weeks from now.

  • The file isn’t working! Arghhh.

  • Adminstratior

    Brett, please try the link again. Thanks!

  • you rule, Adminstratior.

    R.I.P. Greg.

  • Adminstratior

    Brett, I know 🙂