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Greg does a special mid-week podcast with Sarah Silverman from Largo in LA where they both performed. Greg does a little monologue before he gets to the show. Once there, he not only talks to Sarah, but talks with her boyfriend, and introduces some NEW bits for the podcast this week.


Sarah Silverman

Sarah Silverman

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  • Scott

    I would die a happy man if Sarah Silverman would whisper baby-talk into my ear.

  • berticus

    your olympics rant today was right on point and genius!

  • JayCeezy

    Heard it. Loved it. Especially liked your monologue in the car on your way to the show. Very compelling and honest discussion of your outlook, and the way you gave credit to your wife made both of you look like great people with excellent character.

    You were also a lot of fun with Sarah and her b/f, your line about "maybe (Sarah) would have won an award in 2009 if put a couple of d*cks in her @$$" was awesome, why I like your comedy and quick mind. Looking forward to Greg Berendt's show on Monday, hope you talk about his book and your book.

  • Where's the video, Fitz?

  • Michael F.

    Have to agree, Greg, with your comments re: the "Winter" Games. And the one black guy who might be competive sniper-shooting, they execute!

  • Scooter McTavish

    I'd like to mouth pump her until she pooped rainbows.

  • these nuts

    i would love to fill up her juice box with…she is hot