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Check out Greg on the Wanda Sykes show!

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  • MC LYTE!! God, I had such a crush on her in my youth!

    Nice 2 1/2 men jab too 🙂

  • Josh

    Greg, when's the last time you felt like more of an A-lister than in that line-up on Wanda's show? Jesus, you were the George Clooney of that panel. Or does it work the other way? Do you look at the other guests and think, "What happened to my career?" Regardless, the Sirius show and podcasts are great, thanks.

  • Travis

    Nice job Mr. Fitzsimmons!

    That was great!

    I missed this episode and I don't have Tivo, but and are not letting this clip and other segments from this episode or the full episode available to view.

    What's up? Did someone say something offensive that deemed never to be aired again?

    Otherwise, hilarious! Nice sweater vest Jim Tressel.