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Greg welcomes comedians Greg Behrendt and Karen Kilgerif to this hard-hitting podcast. Greg Behrendt and Karen go over their anal fingering experience, Greg admits being intimidated by his son’s future dominance over him, and Karen talks about exceeding all of her family’s expectations by not being in jail. The group takes twitter questions, talk about the roots of the alternative comedy scene, and producer Mike Cioffi gets a makeover from Greg Behrendt.


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    I honestly think Mike looks fine. I think dress code has nothing to do with dating, unless you are the kind of person that makes that a priority. To me he looks like a nice lay back guy. I don’t understand why it is difficult for him to date. Is there a possibility that maybe he’s finicky when it comes down to dating?? I’m just saying!! He doesn’t look ugly and I doubt that he’s dumb…maybe it’s something else?? Well good luck with the change Mike !!

  • JayCeezy

    Dug it, once agan. I actually didn't FF thru the commercial Fitz read, it was funny. Read with a hint of irony, just like the bookend close, "God Bless America". Which might be a little disrespectful, but brave men fought and died for Fitz's right to be disrespectful and ungrateful for the rights he (and we all) enjoy as American citizens.

    Greg Bhehrehnhdht was really funny, and I never heard of the female comic and couldn't figure out how she wangled her way onto the podcast. She must have been owed a favor. Really enjoyed the stories about the burgeoning "Alternative Comedy" scene in the early '90s. Greg B. did not come clean, though, when Greg F. asked "who financed this?" because I know the answer is that HIS PARENTS GAVE HIM $$$ until he was well into his 30s. A bunch of spoiled comedy snobs, most of whom could not get laughs in a regular club (which means the general public that is 95% of the population). For some, the definition of Alt Comedy is that the audience must hate you. That is easy, try getting laughs instead of you want a challenge. Just sayin'…

    Anyway, Cioffi does seem like a great guy. He does not have a high-profile job like professional showoffs Fitz and Greg B., so he doesn't meet that many women.

  • Jeff Fountain

    A little note for Mike Cioffi: I listened to the Greg Behrendt podcast and thought, "This guy Greg's really funny, and he sounds interesting, I just don't recognize the name." So after listening, I google image searched him, and remembered, "Shit, I always hated that douche bag."

    I'll admit, MAYBE his look has changed a little from what comes up on the first page of a google search, but as talented as he is, I'm still detecting a hint of douche. He'll probably see a lot more pussy than you or I could ever imagine, and his tips on choosing attire couldn't hurt, but then again watching 'What Not to Wear' couldn't hurt either.

    So if your looks are somewhere between Greg Behrendt and Brian Posehn, just make sure you're super talented and you'll be allright.

  • Jess

    hey guys you spelled Karen's name wrong on the website. Couldn't add Karen to the description guys? comeon…anyway as a woman i think Cioffi suffers from being bland. i've heard him on the radio and seen him and idk nothing stands out. Just needs a lesson from Greg Behrendt about "the ladies", how to dress and how to be sexy. i'd bone Greg Behrendt soooo hard. just sayin


  • m

    Cioffi looks better than the douchebag with the wallet-chain.