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Greg brings this podcast to you from the road. He’s taking his family to Tahoe for a weekend of skiing, and cranks this podcast out on the I-5 in his Toyota Highlander why his wife drives.


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  • Cosmo

    Hey, Greg ~ Enjoyable podcast, but you never finished the Tim Robbins/championship hockey team story. Hope you can fill us in next time. Keep up the great work!

  • Another amazing show. Thanks for making your misery so entertaining.

  • JayCeezy

    Fitz, I know this is a free podcast and I should be grateful for any pearls you cast in our direction. But this one should be a do-over. Spending two minutes talking about how "Starsky & Hutch" was your favorite show and you were reading for a pilot on the remake, and then correcting yourself when you realized it was, in fact, "The Rockford Files" does no one any favors. That you couldn't remember the name of 'Wojo' on 'Barney Miller' (Max Gail), and forgot the name of the couple that gave their time performing on your free benefit, was awful. But then, to claim that you had studied acting under the "sTanford meisner" technique was horrifying. That was at 10:06 in the podcast.

    Anyway, I hope you get the part of "Dennis", which was originally played by Mexican Joe Santos. Lord knows enough Mexicans have taken jobs from you and your kind. Godspeed, and looking forward to the followup podcast from the Tahoe lodge.

  • Jooey

    I am thankful that Greg doesn't edit out mistakes and goes "live to tape". Not everyone has wikipedia in front of them all the time.

  • Justice


    You're a good guy. Quick-witted, ballsy, and clever. Just some feedback: The podcast was excellent from day one, right up to the Bill Burr interview. The last three; not so good. My advice? No more open mic, stream of consciousness car rides, or 20 minutes of preamble to the interview that's upcoming at the tail end of the podcast. Just get to the interview. Sit the guest down in a fucking chair, turn the mics on, and go! Give us 30 minutes of one on one with a compelling guest. Otherwise, I love it.

  • Mike M.

    Do work Fitzdog!

    You and the Aceman make my daily commute up the 405 tolerable.

  • pimp_juice

    Good stuff man keep it up.

  • Senk

    Really enjoyed the audition stories.

  • AssociateVP

    Boo. Greg, you only post a podcast once every, what . . . once every week? And you think an "off the top of your head" chat in the car is a good idea. (Ignore my review if this whole podcast thing is for YOU and not your fans.)