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Greg has veteran actor/comedian Rick Overton on this week’s podcast. Greg asks Rick how he manages to get work as an actor despite his baldness, they take all your twitter questions (every single one), Greg admits to loving an attractive pair of feet but denies having a foot fetish, and Rick follows by divulging his vagina fetish.  Greg shows his lazy El Salvadorian maid curling so she can take notes on how to properly sweep his house, Rick predicts how future Olympics will resemble the reality show Survivor with chickens replacing gold medals, and they play everyone’s favorite segment Liar’s Poker.


Greg and Rick

Greg and Rick

Cioffi Before Photo

Cioffi Before Photo

Cioffi After Photo

Cioffi After Photo

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  • Ludlow Massacre

    Overton's ruminations on the U.S. historical conspiracy arena rivals Rogan's. Greg, seize the opportunity next time.

  • Jim

    Definitely an improvement for Cioffi. Jeans fit better and the dark wash goes with pretty much everything. The shirt fits like it should (you probably bought a size down from your usual) but I'm not the biggest fan of polo shirts. They look good on an athletic/built guy like Behrendt but they're not very flattering on other body types.

    In the summer I like to wear lightweight long-sleeved button-down shirts, with the sleeves rolled up. Just make sure the tails of the shirt aren't too long or you'll look sloppy with it untucked. You can't go wrong with a clean white oxford on a first date, and you can throw a blazer over it if you need to dress up for a party or whatever.

    Gap is OK but if you're at the mall I would check out J. Crew for basic stuff. A little more mature than Gap and better quality.

    Greg's right that you don't need to spend a lot of money. I would invest in a nice pair of glasses, though, because if you wear them all the time they're almost like part of your face. And take the advice my dad gave me and spend a couple hundred bucks on a pair of quality leather-soled dress shoes. A nice dark brown wingtip will go with anything from jeans to a suit and will only get better with age.

  • Tyler John

    I had to throw you a bone Fitz, can't keep listening without telling you how much I love it. I may be just a consumer at this point, but I'm still lookin for my comedic voice/angle and look forward to making the apes laugh some day. Please keep it up, shit, get Sedaris on the show!(?)

  • JayCeezy

    Fitz: "You are a big man, I'm guessing 6'3"."

    Rick: "Add one more."

    Fitz: "OK, 7'3"."

    How quick and awesome was that line from Fitzdog!!! Nice~!