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Greg invites Simpson’s Co-Creator Sam Simon and comedian Leslie “Big Les” Jones to the Fitzdog man cave for this weeks intense podcast. The group agrees on intern Brian’s low sexual potential, they chat about last weekend’s Academy Awards, and Leslie searches for a man to tell her to shut up. Greg describes to Leslie what could have been between them if he weren’t married, they take your twitter questions, and Greg aces his sponsor plugs.


Brian Greg and Leslie

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  • Saint June

    hell ya dude

    loved the adam fillin podcast

    keep it up fiztdog do work

  • Gary Lee Grah

    Great Job on Adams podcast.

  • Goodguy

    No Sam Simon???? Only see big Les…. Might wanna change your description…

  • Mark Medlin

    Very entertaining podcast, Leslie is funny as shit. Check her out on youtube people lets make her a mutha fuckin star so Greg will have to eat her pussy just to get her back on his podcast.

    Sam Simon can suck my cock that rich, wieny, boring jew, dogfucker.

  • Omar Khadafi

    I think you confused the Hastings Society with the Razzies.

    Because the Razzies doesn't have anything to do with those stuck-up Ivy Harvard douche know-it-alls.

  • Mike

    When is the Tampa date?

  • Kelli

    Greg is so god damn funny. Dude…you can get some of this dark berry anytime 🙂

  • JayCeezy

    Looking forward to Greg's book. Glad to hear him talking about it, and that it is on the way. Great standup, great writer, a rare combo.

    I also liked the Boston U. rant on the stuckup comedy snobs at Harvard. Boston U. has produced Fitzdog, Jeffrey Ross, Howard Stern, Elon Gold, and old school classic Fred Allen. Thanks, BU, for your contribution to angry comedy.

  • Dooley

    Okay. You and Leslie have some unbelievable chemistry. Seriously this episode and your guest spot on ACP were both amazing. Keep it up sir.

  • Fred Benson

    Fitzdog: you're wearing glasses? They look good on you. Can I have an autographed copy of DEAR MRS. FITZSIMMONS? Email me if you have a chance!

  • popo

    whats wrong with the podcast. why cant i just go to the site now , click and listen……….whats up?

  • Dear Greg, I love your show (I actually never forgot a comment you made like 10 years ago on an MTV show about the types of girls perpetually hanging out at malls), and the talent and very essence that you bring to the table is a beautiful and unique one. You may think that sounds like bullshit, but it's the truth.

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    That was bullshit. The connection between mind and body is deep, complex, powerful, and all-too-ignored in modern Western society. I think the pages of that book will really resonate with you like they did with me, and I tnk you'll find yourself down a path of self-discovery that will unlock your inabilities to sleep, pay attention, or shake your depression as well.

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  • mark medlin

    Hey Tjriema, if you have that much to say ….

    use your fuckin real name you dum bitch.

    You are really annoying as shit.

    No one gives a shit about your stupid fuckin dum website bitch.

  • Hey Tjriema, if you have that much to say ….

    use your fuckin real name you dum bitch.

    You are really annoying as shit.

    No one gives a shit about your stupid fuckin dum website bitch.