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Check out Greg’s podcasting skills at work as he fills in as a guest host for Mr. Adam Carolla on Adam’s podcast

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  • Shellina

    Just listened to your interview with Big Les…OMG…I love you Fitz! You two are a great team. Hope you have her back…love the black/white male/female rants.

    1. Thank you for letting the world know about Confederacy of Dunces!

    2. Your coming to Michigan…looking to buy my tickets now! Thanks for coming to our sorry state.

    Thanks for making my 2 hour commute so much fun. Your raw and fresh and honest. I can't get enough. Anything your on, Ace, Parent Experiment, Mark Moran and of course your own show. Keep up the good work. I'm a fan for life!


  • John Putnam

    Yo Greg!!
    I just discovered your pod cast..seen you tons of times on E! Man oh man…SO GLAD I found you…you are one funny fucker!!!!! I burn your cast to CD and play it in my car constantly….thanks for making my life funnier man….please please please keep it up……
    (by the way, you and Adam on one disk is almost too much to handle…I need a cigarette after)