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Greg heads to the Night of 140 Tweets to help Haiti. He interviews:

Ben Stiller – Has a crush on Greg’s wife
Dane Cook – on his Myspace fame and recent Howard Stern appearance
Dave Foley – On the pecking order of Twitter in comedy and the 2010 Winter Olympics
Weird Al Yankovic – Nicest guy in the business
Bob Saget – He works blue
Janina Gavankar – they talk about the Dutch fucking other countries
Michael Ian Black – Former cohort from Best Week Ever
Neal Brennan – Who talks about Dave Chappelle
Kerri Kinney – She talks to Greg about their dads working together back in the day
Dana Gould – Talks about his pilot
Greg Behrendt – Shares his tweet
Joanna Angel – Gets help on her tweet/joke from Greg
David Wain – On going meta
BJ Porter – Greg gets confused with BJ Novak and turns his back on
Mary Lynn Rajskub – Friend of the show


Night of 140 Tweets

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  • mark medlin

    Great one Greg, you showed you had interviewing balls by asking Dane Cook about his haters and Stiller about the oscars. Very skillfull celeb interviewing.


  • Dana Gould wanted to say something about Dane Cook, but held back. Good for him. Let the millions of people who hate his unfunny hacky thief ass speak for you. Greg, you're a real MASShole.