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Greg chats with actress Ally Walker and writer/director Josh Goldin to this week’s podcast to mark the release of the film Wonderful World on DVD. Greg recaps his interview with Matthew Broderick, and we find out if he approves of his wife wearing blackface to his funeral,  Greg  embarrass Ally with his enjoyment of her nude scenes, and Hollywood’s discrimination of the Irish and their genetically superior livers is discussed. The group recalls the good old days when a parent could really rough up their kids, they take your twitter questions, and Greg finds a sexy potential date for producer Mike Cioffi.


Josh, Ally, and Greg

Caitlin and Suzy

Cioffi and Caitlin

Caitlin, Greg, and Suzy

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  • wujekcity

    holy fuck greg! that girl is hot!

  • Ron

    Great Podcast!

  • dan

    Greg you are the man. Thanks for telling it like it is! We need more people like you modeling how to be the man.

    Side note, your new Fitz Dog Radio icon is great but the Dog looks like the word Doc. May not be a big deal.

  • pat

    That Ally chick was so lame. once she left to go to the pisser you should have just locked the door to the studio room

  • Matt – Minneapolis

    Greg – I'm a new fan and I'm loving your podcast.

    But I will SHOOT myself before ever listening to another podcast with Ally Walker. WTF?

  • Matt – Minneapolis

    P.S. Loved your work on "Just Shoot Me" and "Veronica Mars"

  • Alex From Philly

    I never turned off one of your podcasts until today. Ally Walker was insufferable. She constantly talked over you and the other guy. Not remotely funny. Makes me ashamed that I had to google her and masturbate to her image. It was an angry jerk-off session and I'm not proud of it.

  • travis h

    Ally was so irritating, she made it pretty unlistenable. So much so that I felt compelled to post here on my cell phone just to vent. Side note: nice vocabulary on the movie reviews 20 min in, "great" was the only adjective for miles, even Greg started to say it after Allys 17th or 18th G bomb. Solo podcast over crummy aging yentas please!

  • Molly

    I'm glad to hear I'm not alone. Ally sucked! Was she drunk? She had the most piercing voice; I kind of wanted to punch her in the face. Other than that, I LOVE this podcast!

  • mark medlin

    I love you greg but i did not like this one, who the fuck are these people.

    They seem anoying as hell.

    Next time you don't have a good guest just interview your own cock that would be more interesting.

    The fuckin one you did in your car was better.