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Greg, Mike Gibbons, and Tom Arnold discuss the widest ranging topics in podcast history. Greg scolds producer Mike Cioffi for talking while recording, Tom talks about almost throwing down with the cast of Seinfeld, and they take your twitter questions. Tom gets hustled by a Make-a-Wish recipient who never ended up dying, they learn that poison ivy doesn’t cause anal bleeding, and Tom announces Gov. Arnold is bringing Chinese money over to build high speed rail connecting north and south California, and possibly the new stadium somewhere in the inland Empire.

Tom’s Stand Up Dates:

March 26-27 in Pleasanton, CA at Tommy T’s Comedy House

April 9-10 in Huntington, WV at Huntington Funny Bone

April 30 in Temecula, CA at Pechanga Resort & Casino

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  • Matty

    GregfitzDog, You do a great job entertaining me.

  • MrRedDevil

    Keep up the podcasts Greg. You're funny as shit.

  • MrRedDevil

    Tom Arnold is funny as shit too.

  • illbottengooty

    Love when Tom's on, just wish you would have let him finish his hawkeye hunk. Keep up the good work.

  • Alex From Philly

    Great podcast. Tom Arnold is an entertaining guest. I hope the talk about touring together was legit. I'd love to see you two live.

  • Became a fan after hearing you guest host on Adam Carolla's Pod Cast. I would put your Pod Cast on an equal playing field with the Ace Man. You definitely have a talent for this. Thanks for the hard work and free entertainment. – Hunt

  • gary

    Yo – makes you enter a credit card despite what you indicated on your podcast.

    HUGE downer and I won't try it because of that.

    I HATE fighting with these kinds of companies when you decide to not continue paying.

    Thumbs down on audible….BOOOOO

  • k

    Hi – I listen to your podcast in India, and discovered it when you guest hosted on Ace. Love it…keep it coming.

  • mark medlin

    Great pcast, great when you attacked coffe very real moment. I know you don't make money of this shit greg but look at Bill Hicks he's fuckin dead but he will live on forever. Please keep up the creative cuting edge pcasts.

  • mark medlin

    Greggers, I want to stick my fuckin Cock into your ear and shot my load into your fuckin little Irish Brain, so you can keep doing these fuckin great podcasts mutha fucka.

  • Mike

    Fitzdog, heard from a friend that if I like Carolla then I should definitely give you a listen to, and I was not dissapointed. Awesome stuff, moved right into my top 3 favorite podcasts almost immedietely. Good stuff, keep it goin!

  • FYI, the FitzDog Radio link is in the iPad Guided tours on apple .com. Not to shabby getting some visibility on the apple site. It's the iTunes video and at the 1:41 mark.

  • Soup

    Yo Greg, just listened to the podcast from Maron at UCB… I have to admit I was partial to his stuff AND yours before.

    You proud irish fucker that you are, went there and put the guy in his place numerous times. I really liked the fact that he (unknowingly) proved your point BEFORE you even got on stage.

    Keep up the good work, success is sure to come.

    And fuck the douchebag.

  • JayCeezy

    Just catching up on the podcasts, and I'm glad you made up with Aziz. He is not my cup of chai, but I am a new fan of "Human Giant" on DVD, and he is pretty well developed as a comedian for as young as he is.

    Also, Tom Arnold's book was great. It turned me into a fan, some honest stories about his childhood horror, his retribution, his addictions, and fun stories like him searching and find "Peter Criss" homeless in Venice and taking him home to save him and put him on the right track.;-)

    Also, what a fantastic tidbit about Arnold and High Speed Rail and GE building it. This is big, I work in the construction industry and there are a lot of people watching this closely to dip into that Chinese pot of money.

    Greg, glad you are finishing up your book this week. Congratulations, that is a great accomplishment and something most everybody daydreams about. You not only have written a book, but have a story that will fill it with entertainment for your readers. Can't wait to read it!

  • JayCeezy

    Fitzdog, one more thing. I notice a kind of snobbishness with your judgment. Tom Arnold was talking about his "Make A Wish" girl he has know 20 years, and was supportive of her putting her thru rehab, helping with some expenses, and is supportive of her "doing well" in life.

    You, snobby Hollywood writer that you can be, snidely slammed (twice) that she worked at Best Western. Fitz, here is a flash: 99% of people have jobs you would find boring and don't pay what you make. The other 1% have jobs that you are not good-looking or talented enough for.

    A previous podcast, you mentioned that American workers who lose their jobs to illegal immigrants are "weak." I don't know if that is more insulting to laborers or working class Americans, or illegal immigrants (who you obviously expect less from even though you would deny you are racist).

    Also, I was pleased to see the TRUTH finally come out about your "public school" kids. They are not LAUSD educated at all (as you had led us to believe). In fact, you are clearly afraid of putting them into the LAUSD system, where they will be sucked down into the morass of mediocrity and unmotivated drug users and gang members that burden society.

    For your sake, I hope your sense of entitlement in asking Mayor Villaraigosa to make an exception for the 300 kids that live in L.A. and front like they are "public school" kids, can stay in cozy, rich Santa Monica. For those who want to learn more about this school, here is a video narrated by Sidney Poitier on the Edison (who is a white man) Language Academy

  • RJ Call

    Overhead just now in White Plains Panera – the new meeting place for small business – "it is farm fresh food with an Italian philosophy" wtf?

  • Matt – Minneapolis

    Top notch entertainment. I can see why Tom Arnold is your favorite person to interview. I've never been a fan of his, but now I'm converted.

    And Greg – please don't pay any attention to the critics in here. You need to just keep doing what you do. It's called comedy, people. Don't take is so seriously.

  • Cord

    I'm a big fan of Marc Maron. I was rooting for him when you came on his show but you kicked his ass. The fact that he hadn't even read (or heard) you comments…. poor.

    When he broke down and kept calling you "little man", you had won. Touche.

  • Matt
  • I'm a big fan of Marc Maron. I was rooting for him when you came on his show but you kicked his ass. The fact that he hadn't even read (or heard) you comments…. poor.

    When he broke down and kept calling you "little man", you had won. Touche.