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Greg chats with Pearl, Eric and Scott Ian from the band Pearl for this week’s tempo setting podcast. Greg shows of his metal knowledge by calling Slayer Flair, the group debates if Madonna has C-cups, and Scott talks about losing his virginity to an older lady on Fire Island when he was thirteen. They take your twitter questions and all your Overheards, Greg explains the racial cell phone dividing lines, and Greg has special news about his book.

Pearl and Fitz

Pearl and Fitz

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  • Gary B

    Man I am so glad to have a new Fitzdog!

  • justandra

    I think the appeal of Dane Cook is he is HOT! Any other comic couldn't pull off his material with less than average looks, that's just the truth. If you see his audience, its mainly college girls who wanna get with him and college guys who like his raunchy humor. Once you get older, his appeal wears thin, mainly because he is hyper as hell and humor is collegebased. Other comics talk about their wife and kids and he is living like like college kids. I also think some comics are jealous because he got so huge so fast but I think a lot comics like each other but still there is a jealously when you have worked your craft for years and years and someone blows in from no where and is making movies and raking in the dough in a short time but that's life. Actors and musicians face the same thing.

  • Hermine Leiderman

    I enjoyed today's podcast with Pearl, Scott and the tall bearded drummer.

    Best regards,

    Mama L

  • Love the show, love the anger, love the guests. I share the same anger being from S.Weymouth out side of Boston. I wanted to mail some art but I just included a link instead.

    Thanks for the inspiration to paint more. Brett S.

  • bill

    thanks for putting this up

  • Sam

    Pearl and Scott were awesome! Great Madonna story!!

  • Cosmo

    The song played at the end of the podcast isn't "Broken White"; it's "Nutbush City Limits." Thanks for confusing me. ;-P

    Otherwise, great show! 🙂

  • Man I am so glad to have a new Fitzdog!

  • Pearl and Scott were awesome! Great Madonna story!!

  • Pearl and Scott were awesome! Great Madonna story!!

  • thanks for putting this up