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Dave Navarro, rock and roll god, porn director, and host of Dark Matter, brings pornstar Electra Blue to the studio. Dave and Greg discuss their mutual addiction to oxycotin and Electra discusses her addiction to anal sex. Later Greg tries to understand pre-teen girls and Justin Beiber while Cioffi fucks things up. This week’s game of Overheard features something overheard from a racist, and to close the show, Greg wins Liar’s Poker by letting Dave go “all in” a first in the history of Liar’s Poker. Also Navarro won’t sleep with men, although Johnny Depp may be his mancrush, in a straight way.

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  • Kendalou

    "Do you want to here the story or do you want to Fuckin pepper it with your little…"

    Funny shit Greg, you had the mower fired up I'd have loved to hear you make a pass over him then shut it off and let the hot blade singe his ass…he sounded like a fan who could take it.

    I heard you on the Aceman's show originally, you were great on Theresa and Anette's Podcast, thank you for what you are doing, you put on a Rockin show!


    I was a a baby shower supporting my friend,(35-47 age crowd)

    2 posters, 1 with kid pictures and number next to each pic,

    2nd poster with Celebrities,

    match the kidpic number to the celebrity.

    My 13 year old son says :

    "I didn't know Michael Jackson was black"

    Dead silence for 3 seconds then an eruption of laughter.

  • SamEyeAm

    The "Overheard" with the dentist saying he ain't Rambo was solid. Right up there with "the magician" from last week. Navarro's an awesome guest, but not someone who should play "Overheard". Had that tweet come up with Andy Dick, he woulda pissed his pants.

    Still, great podcast Greg. The guests are really holding up their end!

  • Mark

    Regarding the download numbers: I don't know if it was the change in servers or something else, but my iTunes client created a second Fitzdog channel and downloaded last week's show twice. If other users had the same experience, that might explain why your download numbers jumped so unexpectedly.

    Regardless, it's a great podcast.

  • ILlbottengooty

    Very funny Greg, but Navaro is a tough guy to listen to for 10 min. I do feel blessed he would take his time out from very important, reclusive day of not caring to give you a few shows. Do we listeners need to give him some special for his effort.

  • Jim

    Her name is actually spelled "Alektra" Blue. Come on man, how many loads does she have to swallow to get some respect in this town?

  • Pete

    Greg, your podcast has the best theme song of all podcasts out there: short and to the point. You have the only theme song that I don't have to fast forward. Thanks!

  • Gary B

    Dang – great podcast. Greg you are the sh!t my man.

    I wish you were doing 2 or more per week. You are my bike riding distraction (in one ear only for you zealots).

    Keep up the good work..

    Gary B

    Sacramento, CA

  • mark medlin

    I have not listened to this yet but i think it will be fuckin awesome.

    Greggers your best pcasts are when you are alone or you have a great guest.

    I know you are sensitive so i did not want to be negative about the pcasts that are not so awesome like the one with that shitty band that i cant remember the name of.

    Congrats on getting time on howard with the Andy Dick stuff. You know the H man really pays attention to this pcast shit when that happens.

    Love you greg.

    I still want to suck your little irish cock.

  • jray

    Dave navarro has a huge fuckin head

  • Ken

    Great job-You made Navarro bearable for a while:)

  • Illbottengooty

    about 15 min, right ken?