Greg Knocks Out a Two-Fer

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FitzdogRadio presents a TWO INTERVIEW podcast.  First Comedy Savant Ross Brockley describes his sometimes homeless and hard-living days in the NY comedy scene.  He closes out the interview by accusing Greg of sleeping with his girlfriend.  Next, Greg travels to the Hollywood Improv to interrogate “Sarah Silverman Show” star Tig Notaro about having compassion for hecklers.


Greg and Rick Shapiro

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Greg has guest Rick Shapiro in to do this podcast. Rick is a actor you may recognize from the HBO show Lucky Louie, and a comedian that helped shape Greg in his early comedy days with his brutally honest standup.

Greg starts off the podcast with a quick recap of the SiriusXM show that they just did on the Stern channel. Then he gets back into it with the guest. They cover topics like Rick living on the street, what his appearance on Stern was like, and what has happened in Rick’s life lately. They also play some games, Greg asks Rick about pop culture, which Rick only knows about from third hand material, such as comedians he doesn’t respect, and they play Liar’s Poker with Intern Brian Meyer.

Also, throughout this podcast Rick and Greg talk very, very forthrightly about comedians they respect quite a bit, and which ones they don’t so much.

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Cioffi’s podcast that he plugged

Fitzdog Radio – Greg Recaps the Big Party

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Greg does the podcast from the Fitzdog Studios in Venice this week. He starts off the podcast by recapping a HUGE party that Jimmy Kimmel threw for Howard Stern that was full of A-listers. He goes on to check in with Intern Brian Meyer, who was in a recent automobile incident.

Greg throws Cioffi a bone and lets him plug the podcast he does on the side. Greg also recaps his weekend in Boston where the black sheep of a family attacks him and accuses him of being a pedophile.

Greg decides to try to help Intern Brian and Cioffi and get laid, but knows it’ll be an uphill battle.

He wraps up the show with your Twitter questions and Overheards, and decides he’s going to be friends with David Arquette.

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Greg in Tampa, Florida (redux)

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NOTE: This is the better, faster, stronger remix of the “Greg in Tampa, Florida” episode that you may have already heard. Enjoy this new cut.

Greg spends Mother’s Day weekend in Tampa, Florida. He starts his weekend off with a redeye flight, and some Bubba radio show fun. After doing a thorough recap of the happenings at Bubba’s studios, Greg brings the podcast back to the green room at the club where he’s performing.

Greg does two segments from the green room. The first is him chatting with Nick Cantone and Bill Crawford, the comics who are performing with him, and talking about how the shows up through that point have gone. The second is after his final show, where he recaps some very strange happenings immediately prior, and then talks a family celebrating Mother’s Day.
Greg and Greg's Heckler

Greg and Greg's Heckler

Greg and the Other Tampa Comics

Greg with Nick Cantone and Bill Crawford

Greg, Chris Hardwick, and Joanna Angel

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Greg chats with comedian Chris Hardwick and porn star/director Joanna Angel on this week’s podcast.  Greg talks to Joanna about the origins of the alternative porn movement, Greg wonders who the Jeaneane Garofalo of porn is, and they read the questions and jokes you sent in to Greg’s Twitter (if you missed it, follow @gregfitzshow on Twitter). Greg tells a story about talking too openly about a TV show pilot involving a famous political family and insulting someone who overheard what he said, Joanna tells a story about dude ‘finishing’ on the floor, Chris tells a story about Hollywood mistreating him, and Greg explains what happens when you accidentall order a Tiger Woods instead of an Arnold Palmer.

Fitzdog Radio – Greg and Pals

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Greg and Mike Gibbons reconnect on this weeks marvelous podcast. Greg and Gibbons remember the times when they played who can steal the funniest thing from 7/11, Greg can’t help thinking of white supremacist strippers when watching Sandra Bullock in The Blind Side, and Greg tests Producer Mike Cioffi’s podcast hosting skills. The guys take your twitter questions as well as you have overheard, Greg recalls seducing a young door to door magazine saleswoman at his mother’s house, pretending it was his.


Greg in Bellevue, Washington

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The podcast that was supposed to go up tonight has been slightly delayed, as it is still being process. In it’s place, please enjoy this replacement podcast that Greg recorded over the weekend while performing in Bellevue, Washington.

Greg does a Greg podcast from the green room at the comedy club in Seattle, Washington. He starts off a with a monologue, and some nice words for the greenroom waitress who might end up being his next wife. He tells the story of the first time he and Sneaky Pete went to a stripclub, where Sneaky Pete came in his pants after a stripper grinded on him, only to find out much later in his life that Sneaky Pete ended up being gay. Greg was playing a lot of “Guess the Asian” and had a mixed result over the different nights, and had a Cambodian woman complain about Greg playing the game. He had one bad guess while playing “Guess the Bra Size” due to a lactating woman. He talks to the comedians at the club, like Heather, who was a lesbian for five years, Richie who talks about suicide, and how he deals with depression, and John who talks about some treatment he’s currently getting. Also, Greg deals with being a Mac guy in Microsoft town, and got some feedback for it, and wraps up by talking to Courtney the greenroom waitress about blowjobs, and why a certain type of headliner doesn’t tip nearly as well.


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