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The podcast that was supposed to go up tonight has been slightly delayed, as it is still being process. In it’s place, please enjoy this replacement podcast that Greg recorded over the weekend while performing in Bellevue, Washington.

Greg does a Greg podcast from the green room at the comedy club in Seattle, Washington. He starts off a with a monologue, and some nice words for the greenroom waitress who might end up being his next wife. He tells the story of the first time he and Sneaky Pete went to a stripclub, where Sneaky Pete came in his pants after a stripper grinded on him, only to find out much later in his life that Sneaky Pete ended up being gay. Greg was playing a lot of “Guess the Asian” and had a mixed result over the different nights, and had a Cambodian woman complain about Greg playing the game. He had one bad guess while playing “Guess the Bra Size” due to a lactating woman. He talks to the comedians at the club, like Heather, who was a lesbian for five years, Richie who talks about suicide, and how he deals with depression, and John who talks about some treatment he’s currently getting. Also, Greg deals with being a Mac guy in Microsoft town, and got some feedback for it, and wraps up by talking to Courtney the greenroom waitress about blowjobs, and why a certain type of headliner doesn’t tip nearly as well.


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