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Greg and Mike Gibbons reconnect on this weeks marvelous podcast. Greg and Gibbons remember the times when they played who can steal the funniest thing from 7/11, Greg can’t help thinking of white supremacist strippers when watching Sandra Bullock in The Blind Side, and Greg tests Producer Mike Cioffi’s podcast hosting skills. The guys take your twitter questions as well as you have overheard, Greg recalls seducing a young door to door magazine saleswoman at his mother’s house, pretending it was his.


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  • JayCeezy

    Loved it. Fitzdog was fun, putting his old pals on the spot with very intimate questions that should only be asked on a recorded public podcast (if they were asked in private, it would end the friendship).

    I would also like to know what Greg's club quote is, but it is good to preserve some mystery and leave something for the book.

  • Phant

    loved this podcast, gonna tell two friends about it and i'm not kidding

  • vatchel

    Hey Greg,

    I love your podcast!

    What do you think of the way these cops handled this 1 gram pot bust (it happened 2/10/2010)?

  • Mark

    Here is the job that Greg hated that he "can't talk about."

  • Duds

    It was store24 not 7/11 by t's pub jerry won with case of ravoli, durflame log was good though.

  • colin

    Help me out here, Greg,

    I am the only one of the nine siblings in my Irish genomed American family who is not on psychotropic drugs. Just me. I am left to feel this searing world. I am your age. I have been happily married 20 years. I have a great life and horrible depression. But, the six months I took Prozac to help me quit smoking nearly destroyed my marriage. I went into this mode where I couldn't care less what anyone thought. That was 13 years ago and I have been mortified that mind altering drugs might make me less of a man, that my depression curbs me and makes me a good husband. I have the best relationship of my family. And yet, I am not getting all of the ball when it comes to what I want to do. What would you do?

  • JayCeezy

    Greg's tweet of 5/8/10 7:00pm PSTTampa early show got ugly when I debated a woman in pearls about the merits of the Tea Party. Red state Greg….

    3 minutes ago via Tweetie

    Greg, people come to laugh. It is fine to have a point of view and be political, but you are a joke bitch. Nothing more. Nobody is persuaded by your rantings, and your blatant disrespect for the concerns of Tea Party (or anything conservative). Comedy club crowds come to drink and laugh and forget the world outside.

    It got ugly because you were not in the right. With a heckler, you are in the right and the crowd is with you. When you disrespect somebody's politics or religion, etc., then you are in the wrong. That is why it got ugly, and will again when you impose your worldview and hide behind a facade of "tolerance" and "moral high ground".

  • Greg Fitzsimmons


    I agree that the way I got into the topic (debating a middle aged woman in the middle of a show) was a mistake. But I do not do standup to help people "forget the outside world". It's just not what I do. I'm not necessarily a political comedian, but I talk about what I am thinking and feeling. I hope that crowds are drawn to hearing an individual express himself honestly. I could have done it better last night, but there are no topics that are off the table for me on stage.

    I appreciate your note though.


  • JayCeezy

    Greg, I stand corrected on the reasons you do standup. Your honesty is great, and why I count myself a fan of Fitzdog. But calling Tea Party members racist is not honest. Do you really think that? Concerns about taxes and government spending have nothing to do with race.

    Besides, the reason the Tea Party is 99% white is because The Black don't make enough money to pay taxes.

    There is nothing I can tell you about standup, you know what happened and why. But when you think back to Dave Navarro at the AVN, and Aziz Ansari's response to your request to come on the podcast, please remember that feeling of disrespect. Whether it is intentional or not doesn't really matter, it still comes across as disrespect. That is why the audience turned. But, you already know that.

    Anyways, cheers , Brutha, and I am looking forward to your book in October.

  • Greg49

    Love the Podcast! Especially as a fellow Irish Catholic, separated from the church–the guilt, the booze, the laughs. Especially like the "road" casts from Florida and on vacation with your family in the car. Glad you guested for Carolla, I'll bet you've stolen half of his audience.

  • JohnnSmythe

    Great Podcast Greg. The more "personal" ones without the high priced guests are best.

    However, we know you are an angry guy, but the "accidental" phone disconnects are getting old.

    You are, because we listen so you should suck it up and listen a bit more too.

    Still, don't know shy you let Howie put you on so late that I can't listen live, that's why the podcast is great cause i can listen when it's convenient.