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Greg chats with comedian Chris Hardwick and porn star/director Joanna Angel on this week’s podcast.  Greg talks to Joanna about the origins of the alternative porn movement, Greg wonders who the Jeaneane Garofalo of porn is, and they read the questions and jokes you sent in to Greg’s Twitter (if you missed it, follow @gregfitzshow on Twitter). Greg tells a story about talking too openly about a TV show pilot involving a famous political family and insulting someone who overheard what he said, Joanna tells a story about dude ‘finishing’ on the floor, Chris tells a story about Hollywood mistreating him, and Greg explains what happens when you accidentall order a Tiger Woods instead of an Arnold Palmer.

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  • Bret

    Is May 15th Prov Comedy Connection still on? Could not find Greg on their site. Thanks.

  • JayCeezy

    Entertaining, I am a new/old fan of Chris Hardwick. Actually, he was great as a morning radio guy on Y107 in Los Angeles. His standup is a work in progress, but he hasn't been at it very long. Porn is not my thing, but Angel gets the podcast and Fitzdog kept things moving along without perving out.

    Oh, btw, Taxicab Confessions is fake. Like Faces of Death. Probably been a few years since you have seen it, but just check out a clip or two on YouTube and you will notice the same headlights following for the entire cab ride.

  • LordAgnst

    wow. worst episode. i've really enjoyed the podcast normally. i look forward to it each week. however Hardwick was a bore and Joanna's forced annoying laugh got old within the first few minutes.

  • Dave

    Bret, the Providence show is canceled, no reason given…they will give you a refund if you ask.

  • Herb

    Wow harsh from LordAgnst.. I thought it was another great ep. Greg just fires on all cylinders as usual and thought the guests were really good. Will definately check out Chris's podcast and thought Joanna came across really well. Constructive criticism is important, being a sooky bitch is pointless. Maybe Lordangst u should direct ur suffering else where, maybe jerk off to relieve ur self hate before commenting.

    Greg come to Australia, your comedy would go down very well here.

    All the best


  • SamEyeAm

    Fantastic podcast, Greg! Am digging the Nerdist podcast also, and I loved how you were talking about how the different podcasts pimp each other rather than compete for listeners. I truly believe you guys are at the forefront of something huge and I'd gladly shell out a buck or three a pop to keep this thing going. Let the haters (I despise that word) fall by the wayside!

  • joe

    Lovin' the podcast, Greg. You really make me laugh out loud when I listen. I was just wondering if you are going to bring Liar's Poker back into the fold. I think that is one of the best segments/games of the pcast. Thanks!

  • Adam

    Great podcast Fitzsimmons. I love The Nerdist, Fitzdog, all the Carolla shows, but fuck that Marc Marron (just kidding, really have never listened to him). I love that you're all friends. As far as monetizing, I would probably pay in the neighborhood of $40/year if you guys were under the same umbrella. My two pennies.

  • LordAngst

    Herb, tremendous commentary. really. it's great that because i have an opinion of my own that differs from yours i should direct my suffering elsewhere. so dumbass, if i'm listening to what i consider a boring Fitzsimmons podcast should i maybe tell Adam Carolla about it? that makes perfect sense. sorry, i listen to Fitz each week and love the show. this one i felt differently about. carry on sheep.

  • McFarrell

    Play around more with the ordering a Tiger Woods/Arnold Palmer joke more.

    Some things to consider (only you can actually make it funny): mix in some brown liquor, some yellow juice and some cream for taste. Add garnish with ambien and vicodin, and serve in a cracked glass with a celery stick or broccoli for a tree.

    Or, it could be that you order a tiger woods, and the bartender brings you what all your friends think is your favorite drink (representing Elin) with two small chasers (the kids). But just when it seems like you're enjoying the drink, the bartender starts giving you drink after drink of greatly varying quality, takes away what was your favorite drink and the keys to your Buick.