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NOTE: This is the better, faster, stronger remix of the “Greg in Tampa, Florida” episode that you may have already heard. Enjoy this new cut.

Greg spends Mother’s Day weekend in Tampa, Florida. He starts his weekend off with a redeye flight, and some Bubba radio show fun. After doing a thorough recap of the happenings at Bubba’s studios, Greg brings the podcast back to the green room at the club where he’s performing.

Greg does two segments from the green room. The first is him chatting with Nick Cantone and Bill Crawford, the comics who are performing with him, and talking about how the shows up through that point have gone. The second is after his final show, where he recaps some very strange happenings immediately prior, and then talks a family celebrating Mother’s Day.
Greg and Greg's Heckler

Greg and Greg's Heckler

Greg and the Other Tampa Comics

Greg with Nick Cantone and Bill Crawford

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