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NOTE: This is the better, faster, stronger remix of the “Greg in Tampa, Florida” episode that you may have already heard. Enjoy this new cut.

Greg spends Mother’s Day weekend in Tampa, Florida. He starts his weekend off with a redeye flight, and some Bubba radio show fun. After doing a thorough recap of the happenings at Bubba’s studios, Greg brings the podcast back to the green room at the club where he’s performing.

Greg does two segments from the green room. The first is him chatting with Nick Cantone and Bill Crawford, the comics who are performing with him, and talking about how the shows up through that point have gone. The second is after his final show, where he recaps some very strange happenings immediately prior, and then talks a family celebrating Mother’s Day.
Greg and Greg's Heckler

Greg and Greg's Heckler

Greg and the Other Tampa Comics

Greg with Nick Cantone and Bill Crawford

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  • JayCeezy

    Very entertaining. btw, the other two acts on the bill were Nick Cantone and Bill Crawford, since Fitzdog could not be bothered to name then in the photo.

    I have nothing to add to my earlier thoughts on Fitzdog's confrontation with the "Tea Party" woman, except that it clearly rattled him and he was reduced to refighting the battle in the green room with a sympathetic middle act who obviously hopes Greg will reach down and pull him up and out of feature act hell.

    Robert Schimmel tells a great story about why he does not do political in his standup. He closed a show in 2004 (coincidentally in FL), and ended with his cancer bit and said "I'm not telling anyone who to vote for this election, but do you really want a President who doesn't support stem cell research?"

    He was booed off the stage. Anyway, if you open that door don't be surprised if the audience slams it in your face.

    Bottom line, the podcast was very entertaining. From the divorced mom with the daughters who got her high, to the fat drunk heckler wearing flip-flops, to the middle act living in his parents' house with his 2-year old and babymama, to the 30 year-old opener paying his bills late, and Greg frustratedly criticizing the Tea Party woman on her appearance instead of her arguments, it was a great slice of the dysfunction of contemporary society.

  • James

    Dude, Need more pictures like the Carolla Podcast. Otherwise great show. Cheers.

  • Susie

    Please leave political views out of live shows. I love your comedy and your rants but I wouldnt want to hear any of that shit when I'm out for a night on the town… and I'd also love to see more pictures after each podcast!

  • nice show Greg– loved the peak inside Bubba’s studio and also loved the insight you brought on your mindset between sets. was fun to hear how you felt before going up on stage, then jump cut to your thoughts after. love that format. ok anyway, keep them podcasts coming!

  • Tamsies

    Can you use a different noise besides that high-pitched screeching beep when transitioning between interviews? It really damages my ears.

    Loved this show! So curious to what the daughters and mom looked like though you painted a very detailed description.

    Good job, Greg! You got your shit together and I like it.

  • B Dizzle

    This podcast is so consistently good. Greg's a genius.

  • Jay

    I've only started listening to the podcasts in the last month or so. Love the "overheard" concept. Was wondering if you had any plans to post all of the overheards you get on your website. i would love to read/hear more of them.

  • Adam

    I always love when residents of the bankrupt, failed liberal utopian experiment that is California criticize people's calls for a less intrusive government. I've never been to a tea-party nor am I a Republican, but it's pretty much impossible to claim that your way works better. The great news for the rest of us is, we now have a great example (California) of what not to do. Haven't you at least questioned that your long-held ideals might be totally wrong? You're funny as hell Fitzsimmons, so I'll forgive you for being a dickhole.

    Overheard at the barber shop today:

    "It's weird when someone else does it to your face."

  • JayCeezy

    Good to see previous omission of comics' names has been corrected; however, the names are reversed. Bill Crawford is on the left, and moustache Nick Cantone on the right. If I didn't know better, it is almost as if the correction was done passive-aggressively to still be incorrect.