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Greg does the podcast from the Fitzdog Studios in Venice this week. He starts off the podcast by recapping a HUGE party that Jimmy Kimmel threw for Howard Stern that was full of A-listers. He goes on to check in with Intern Brian Meyer, who was in a recent automobile incident.

Greg throws Cioffi a bone and lets him plug the podcast he does on the side. Greg also recaps his weekend in Boston where the black sheep of a family attacks him and accuses him of being a pedophile.

Greg decides to try to help Intern Brian and Cioffi and get laid, but knows it’ll be an uphill battle.

He wraps up the show with your Twitter questions and Overheards, and decides he’s going to be friends with David Arquette.

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  • JayCeezy

    Fitzdog, awesome podcast, once again. Very compelling, I have been enjoying them (or being angry at them) all the way through. btw, strong finish thanking people, and great news on the book, it makes me want to read it even more. "God Bless America" indeed.

    Fitzdog, why do you call Brian the Intern "hefty" and Cioffi "dum-dum", if not to demean them and overtly assert your Alpha status? When you are talking with middle Bill Crawford, you make a point to tell him that you make a lot more money than him; everyone knows this already. These are examples of you being plain mean and a bully. I'm not asking you to respond, we all know you have problems with your fans having "too much access" because you are so popular and overwhelmed with attention. But those comments aren't funny or educational. Do you expect anybody to laugh at that? What if they called you "Baldy?" When Lisa Lampanelli said "you will never make more than $1,500/week", what did you think about that? Was it funny? Do you think your audience laughed? Of course not, it was just her being a c*nt. Know this, next time you make a personal comment, and Cioffi does not reply by calling you "Baldy".

    Glad the BU show went well, it sounds like a great event. Sweet irony that you do an anti-Catholic bit, and then you are accused of being a pedophile. You are 44, but look 64, her point wasn't that she was under 18 but that you look old enough to be her grandfather. A very personal double-insult. Would you have felt better if she called you a 'pervert' instead of a 'pedophile'? The lesson is, don't stare, it only gives the silly c*nts satisfaction and a chance to insult you while you stare at what you can never have. And why don't you do an anti-Muslim rant? Could it be because Catholics won't cut your head off or set off a carbomb outside your next gig? Pretty safe subject, unlike the Tea Party, Mexico's narcorepublic, or Islamic clitoridectomy

    Also, Cioffi made a GREAT point about "Dr. Grins" and similarly foolishly named clubs. In Santa Barbara, there used to be a club called "P. Yopants". 'Nuff said. Looking forward to Dane Cook, hope you ask him about his half-brother embezzling $3.5 million from him.

  • nate

    agree completely with above comment.

  • Hal

    Guys,great podcast, but where are the photo's that greg refers to in the podcast (i.e. drunken girl)?

  • Bmore brian

    That's why he's funny you shit heads

  • austinnate

    Another great podcast!

    Bring your funny ass down to Texas… Austin that is!!!

    I'd like to see this drunk bitch that thinks you are a pedophile….

  • Paul

    Hey Greg, I love your podcast and can't get enough! When new podcasts are released you even beat out Adam as my first listen. Where is the pic of the girl that called you a pedophile?

  • B Dizzle

    Greg – Marry, Fuck, Kill
    Demi Moore, Courtney Cox, Beth Ostrosky.
    HAHA! Deal with it.

  • Greg's Bald Spo

    Great podcast, boss.

    You need to get Kevin Smith on as a guest. I listen to his podcast regularly as well ( and you two not only operate with the same lexicon, but you're both painfully funny observational comedians.

  • SamEyeAm

    Lots of name-dropping, but if I were at that party (invited no less!) I'd be doing the same damn thing!

    Thoroughly entertaining, Greg. But do you ever think that people are going to start clamming up around you and not invite you places because they fear you talking about what they said/did at a party on your podcast?

  • sean


    You're always talking about how hot your wife is; but she seems to be living in the internet shadows. I think it's time for you to upload some pictures of her on your site. If she is as good as you say she is, then I'll have to make sure she gets a special place in my "JO folder" hidden on my desktop.

  • mike

    the half man should be renamed bill pullman/bill paxton

  • Carnage


    Do you want to pull out…and then I'll pass out?

  • Susie

    I love you Greg, but it is hard to listen to celebs gushing over themselves and patting each other on the back.. Demi was so great and you were soo great , NO, YOU were soo great at the party.. Come on Greg!!! I would much rather hear about who sucked who's dick or did some coke in the bathroom..

    • Thanks for the acdive sir. I was in St. Louis and had to skip the Anheiser-Busch tour, but I will check out some of the other breweries. Craft as in made of Elmer’s Glue and Popsicle stick right?

  • J


    At the move theater….

    "Well that's why you always scuba dive with a flare gun."

  • Turf

    Always a champagne act Fitz.
    Can’t say the same for Brian the frumpy virgin intern with the arm erection.

    As an Australian citizen I was amused at Brian’s ‘do Aussies have an pride’ comments.

    I am happy that Fitz immediately distanced himself from these acusations.

    I am a direct descendant from convict stock and am very proud to be Australian.

    Have you never seen us whip ass at the Olympics?
    Did you never feel pride for the under dog watching a Russel Crowe movie?
    Obviously from your great girth you are familiar with juicy Outback Steak Houses.

    All these amazing things from a country with a population under 30 million (less than your weekly calorie intake).

    Hopefully Brian can find something positive to say about our great land soon.

    Go strong Fitz, may the spirit of Ned Kelly be with you.
    As we all know, Ned Kelly was an Irish born bushranger here who got drunk, put on iron armour and shot at the pigs.

  • D

    Overheard: “Girls with iphones are whores.”

  • Erica


    Trashy girl: “It wasn’t like he was in me or anything.”

  • Michael

    Half a man: Aaron Eckhart and Thomas Jane

  • DO'H

    Too bad fitzdog wasn't a dog cause it seems destined that he fuck that chick from boston ,

  • Matt

    You seem so rushed on a 1/2 hour format show.
    Can we e-mail Tim for a longer show and a better time slot?
    Pod casts are great and should stay free , however I would purchase videos and cd’s of your interviews or your standup act
    ps bubba is going on vacaton soon – any news from tampa for you to sit in?

  • Julie Z

    Half a man:

    Greg Fitzsimmons & Enrico Colantoni


    Woman: I think you had the swine flu

    Man: Really….? You think I ate bad chicken?

  • Q

    I thought there was going to be a picture of the girl who called Fitz a pedophile?

  • If only more than 79 people would hear about this.

  • Pixplz

    Where's the picture of the girl?

  • MoDohRanch

    Agreed with your take on chicks taking offense to staring when they have cleavage bursting out at you SCREAMING LOOK AT ME. BTW like Pixplz stated above. Pix Please.

  • chazfantaz

    your party recap wreaks of high school gayness and drama.

    Simply put, if you put that lot of so called A listers in the same house again, it would be a complete turd. You all hate each other and personally despise any success these others have had. But , for one glorious night, this group of no talents got together to proclaim themselves the coolest of hollywood, at least for one night. Congrats on the jam, it sure sounded cool as you rocked for the bitches on the wall.

    Grow the fuck up and denounce this event as just a bad nightmare that you somehow got caught up in.

  • Half a Man:

    Hear me out.

    Just listen to these guys talk.

    Oliver Platts and Jeff Goldbloom

  • Mike D!

    Overheard (from a small child at a buffet): “There ain’t no food on my plate” Two minutes later after a plate clatters to the ground, same kid looking around to see if anyone saw him drop his food.