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Greg has guest Rick Shapiro in to do this podcast. Rick is a actor you may recognize from the HBO show Lucky Louie, and a comedian that helped shape Greg in his early comedy days with his brutally honest standup.

Greg starts off the podcast with a quick recap of the SiriusXM show that they just did on the Stern channel. Then he gets back into it with the guest. They cover topics like Rick living on the street, what his appearance on Stern was like, and what has happened in Rick’s life lately. They also play some games, Greg asks Rick about pop culture, which Rick only knows about from third hand material, such as comedians he doesn’t respect, and they play Liar’s Poker with Intern Brian Meyer.

Also, throughout this podcast Rick and Greg talk very, very forthrightly about comedians they respect quite a bit, and which ones they don’t so much.

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