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Greg decides it’s time to do the summer show, totally ignoring the “calendar” start of the season. First and foremost, for the holiday weekend, he’d like to remind everyone to donate at He then covers what he did during his three day weekend, as well as the news over the weekend about Dennis Hopper and Al Gore.

Greg talks about what it means to give your life to a profession, and covers a few different examples of what that can mean. He doubles back to the holiday weekend happenings, and shares some tips for hanging out at Venice Beach, as well as what it sounds like from an office in Santa Monica. He explains why the ballet is so hot, how he needs a cult, and various crimes and schemes from his youth.

Greg wraps up the podcast with the fan favorite games “Overheard” and “Half-a-Man”

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  • BC

    Am I the only one that finds the "half-a-man" bit to be annoyingly stupid?

  • Bernie

    Half a man: Jeff Daniels/Bill Pulman


    Fan at Hilarities in Cleveland: Love the podcast, man.

    Headlining Comedian at Hilarities in Cleveland: Why did you get such shitty seats?

    Cut to pictures posted from meet and greet after Headlining Comedian's set with picture of Comedian with arm around Fan's new bride while Fan is taking a leak. Thanks a lot Fitzdog! Glad I spent the $50 to see you live!!!

  • BmoreBrian

    Are you ever coming to the Baltimore/DC area?

  • Joe


    "Well thats why you always scuba dive with a flare gun."

  • Chris Evans

    Half a man: Justin TImberlane/Ryan Phillippe

    Half a woman: Beyonce Knowles/Tyra Banks

  • Love the extra podcast every week Greg! Also, the glory hound that I am, thanks for the kind words. If only I could spin the yarn of that Memorial Day party…Looking forward to your return to the Philly area.

  • Michael

    What happened to having Dane Cook on the podcast like a week or so ago?

  • Susie

    Angelina Jolie/Megan Fox.
    Robert Dinero/Al Pacino.
    Fiona Apple/One of the Olsen Twins.
    Hillary Skank/Jennifer Gardner.

    I agree with your other listeners about not talking politics on the show. You and Carolla are my favorite Podcasts out there.

    Miley Cyrus/that horrible creature from Lord Of The Rings

  • mark medlin

    Fitzdog sans guest=podcast-gold.

  • Overheard:

    "Well thats why you always scuba dive with a flare gun."

  • Michael

    Half a man: Jeremy Renner and Nathan Fillion

  • Overheard: Guy with pony tail walking on Hollywood Blvd. "Look at this star. It's that kyke Judge Judy!"

  • Eric

    Half-a-man = Adam Carolla and the guy in the yellow shirt from "The Wiggles"

  • Really digging this show. I heard you first on Carolla's podcast and now you are in regular rotation. I find it's like listening to a good friend talk, but the good friend is really fucking funny and has something interesting to say. Great stuff. Thanks.

  • Jimmy

    Greg was spot on regarding the "hook up" angle with ballerinas. My brother in law is a single twenty something detective with a south bay police department. He and some of his cop buddies have a pretty sweet off duty gig where they supply security detail to visiting ballet and ballroom dancing competitions in New York once or twice a month. They are flown from L.A., all expenses paid, and end up sleeping with hot horney female dancers that spend their working hours around gay men that want nothing to do with them.

  • What happened to having Dane Cook on the podcast like a week or so ago?

  • Third of a man:

    Mary Louise Parker (Nancy in Weeds)
    Julie Bowen (Claire in Modern Family)
    Laurel Holloman (Tina in the L Word)