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Greg has head honcho in the podcasting world, Adam Carolla, stop by to do the podcast.

After talking a bit about podcasting, and recapping what happened during the previously recorded SiriusXM Show, Greg and Adam just talk about things that anyone would talk about: what’s constitutes rape, when can someone stop rape, is rape worse than necrophilia, and they manage to do all this while mixing in silly voices.

They also get to your Half-a-Mans, and your Twitter questions.

Don’t forget to watch Greg calling the action on Adam’s first time

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  • Scotty Choc

    Get it on!

  • Bret

    Linking to the February podcast.

  • Kevin V

    Loved the show. Not enough rape talk

  • vyse

    yaaaaa gettttt it the fuck on



    The Podcast is hilarious, the XM program gold, your Audible WEB Plug… dyslexic:

    "Enjoy Greg's podcast? Even if don't, you'll love the free audiobook you can get by going to AUDIBLEPODCAST.COM/GREG"

    Not quite a fan of the date rape allegory, but I still like the cut of that Carolla guy's jib.

    Give me a shout out on the "experience" (loved when that was the podcasts' moniker), it will literally make my day when I listen to it while working out.

  • jray

    Carolla is the god of articulation, Fitzsimmons is second, if you guys got together with joe roagen the podcast trifecta would aline and comedy gold would turn to platinum

  • Turf

    Again with the Australia comments!

    I feel you are talking right to me with this thing.

    Yeah there are big open spaces here, great for hiding all those sexy necro corpses! I just go dig one up and make out any time I want.

    If anyone want to make it big time down here, they just move to The States and sell out. We never talk to those people again, we never even mention their names.

    You want to talk about crappy countries, try going to Ireland, it's terrible! Cold, wet, warm beer and cold hairy women. They would stab you in a pub, but you can't understand them when they explain why it happened.

    Keep up the mediocre work!

  • SamEyeAm

    Epic! My only complaint is that I didn't want it to end. But I'll definitely be listening to this one again!

    Here's my half-a-man: Nick Cannon and Bill Bellamy.

    Thanks for the freebies, Greg!


    We're just playing re-runs now????

  • admin

    There was a problem with the link on Monday, it's been swapped out since.

    Also, to Mike, I can't speak for anyone else, but personally, I find the name Dr. Grins sort of silly, that is what's referenced in this show. It's nothing about being on one of the coasts.


  • Peter D

    Entertaining as always!

    RE: Sexual Baseball Clip.

    Greg popping up from below reads as if he's blowing Adam off camera. It's kind of like a twisted sketch from Benny Hill or Laugh-In.

  • Hot damn! I could listen to you two for 8 hours straight. I have such a resonance with you two. It is more about your attitudes and perspective on life, rather than your opinions. I love REAL shit. You two are real, there is ownership to your perspective. That's where the juice comes from. I don't need everyone to agree with me, I just need them to be real. Y'all is the real deal. Leadership is displayed by example. You two are included in my radio heroes list. You are amazing, and are pioneering a new wave of communication. Keep it moving. 143

  • Susie

    I LOVED IT!! My two favorite podcasters together! Please realize that you DO have women listeners. Or at least one. I am spreading the word!

  • SamEyeAm

    Keep spreadin', Susie ; )

    @Peter D…I felt little Hee-Haw vibe myself!

  • bLuEbOnG

    It's definitely a highlight of the day when there is a new episode to download. This one with Aceman is a classic. For a Canadian living in Australia your podcasts have been a blessing. Keep up the great work!