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FITZDOG RADIO – Greg talks to legendary comic George Wallace from the comfort of a lavish Las Vegas hotel room. They talk about George coming from a marketing background, how George came up in the comedy world, and cursing.

They talk more about the comedy world, different comedy themed nights, how cursing works in comedy, and racial slanders.

The perks of living the Las Vegas include the finest free meals, and the beauty of enjoying the life it can bring. The Las Vegas heat, and perpetuating the black stereotype. George counters with the fact that George just didn’t remember the interview.

Greg gets to the hard questions about George’s career, he had such a strong, amazing start, Greg is amazed that George Wallace didn’t have a huge TV career or movie career, but George sets the record straight. He likes being a comic and writing jokes.

They talk about city planning in Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and why New York City is the best city in terms of how it’s laid out.

They wrap up the podcast with chat about how George’s comedy has actually killed people.

GF & G Wallace

Greg Fitzsimmons and George Wallace in a Las Vegas Suite

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