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Greg welcomes Rob Corddry for this weeks podcast. Rob talks about how he would get laid back in the college days, Greg points out bald man discrimination for game show hosting jobs, and Rob explains how Ashton Kuscher makes or breaks you on twitter. The guys play Half-A-Man, Greg and Rob fantasize about their perfect toupee, and Rob stumbles onto a dark secret that Greg has been holding onto.

Greg throws down the challenge to Rob to see if he can bring any of his 1.3 million Twitter followers into the @gregfitzshow fold. They wrap the podcast up with some Overheards, which strays into chatroullette territory where Cioffi may know a little too much.

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Rob and Greg

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  • Kevin V

    Awesome, Just awesome

  • Dear Mrs Fitzsimmons: one step forward and two notes home

  • Ben Ankrum

    Dear Mrs Fitzsimmons: Nature or Nurture? Either way it's your fault

  • Palumbo

    Overheard my brother-in-law…
    “I read this magazine in jail….I think I’m gonna get into stocks”

  • Kristen

    ha! the way Cordry says “are you afraid a dick’s gonna fall in your mouth? WHAT’S UP MAN?” lost it.

  • Hi Greg, here are a few potential lines for your cover. I hope one inspires you.

    Dear Mrs Fitzsimmons,

    …This is no longer a school matter,the police have been notified.

    …Is your son on medication? If not would you consider it?

    …We insist Gregory has no contact whatsoever with his homeroom teacher until we confirm the paternity test.

    …Because of Gregory, we had to cancel all morning classes and euthanize 6 gerbils.

    ..Your son’s behaviour as class clown, has gone from Bozo to John Wayne Gacy.

    …Gregory insists that it is your marijuana.

    …With your permission we would like to administer daily breathalizer tests.

    …Unless your son immediately returns the vice principals car, we shall seek legal action.

    …There is a fine line between rambunctious and criminal. A line which your son crosses daily.

  • Steve


    I am a huge fan of the podcast, but I have never heard your act. How about posting a recording of your comedy act for the next podcast so everyone can hear it?

  • BaseballStash

    Overheard at the Bus Stop from a grammar nazi:
    “It`s cheap but I’m not getting a fucking tattoo from that guy! He misspelled his newspaper ad!”