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Greg and Dane Cook team up to knock out a great podcast. Greg and Dane start off by recapping their dialogue about abortion from the Sirius 101 show. After talking about Dane’s acting credits, Greg and Dane then improv a scene from an action movie. Greg sheds the truth behind what is hidden behind a rainbow and then gets to the hard hitting questions about Dane’s career. They move on from Dane’s career to talking about hecklers, and start sharing different heckling stories. Dane tells a story about a four-or-five-way with some college co-eds and how he always leaves a paper trail behind any sex he has. They wrap up the podcast with your Overheards, Half-a-Mans, and the subtitles you suggested for Greg’s soon to be released book Dear Mrs. Fitzsimmons.

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Dane Cook in Studio

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  • ACVR

    Really cool to listen two experienced comedians talk so candidly about the biz. DC you’re a nice guy who’s a incredibly gifted story teller and Fitz I’m gonna tune in to your show more often.

  • Excellent show, Greg. First time I’ve heard it. I’m too cheap and/or broke for Sirius.

  • Lisa

    Great Podcast! Greg can you please come to Atlanta or Athens, GA?

  • Michael F.

    Five seconds after Greg reads the subtitle “We Need to Talk”, Dane Cook comes up with “We Need to Talk About Your Son.” Ah, a “Master” at work. A master what is the only question.

  • High five on the jive
    live….pod e talk about
    the whether or knot
    it was serious jock………………..

  • Pimp_Juice

    That shit was funny

  • K.Gall

    enough said, I want what you are on.. 😉

  • Michael UNI

    Thought this podcast was hilarious and extremely interesting. I felt like Dane Cook was being very honest about the whole ripping off material situation. Keep up the awesome work Greg and crew.

  • C_in_Oakland

    here is a HALF A MAN:
    Gabriel Byrne and Andy Garcia.

    Listen to all your shows. Honest and you are no bullshit…
    Keep it up!

  • Susie Q

    Everyone has always made Dane out to be such a douchefuck, but I thought he was funny and real. I am now a Dane Cook fan. Thanks Greg.

  • Tom F.

    Awesome. Dane Cook was superhonest, felt for the guy and what a tough period he has come out of.

    Ving Rhames and Michael Clark Duncan
    Josh Lucas and Matthew McConaughy

  • Scott


    Andy Dick

  • John

    Half a man

    Kurtwood Smith and Michael Ironside

    Go watch Robocop and Total Recall and just try to tell them apart.

  • Steve D

    Half a man:
    Robin Wright and Elisabeth Shue

  • Thought this podcast was hilarious and extremely interesting. I felt like Dane Cook was being very honest about the whole ripping off material situation. Keep up the awesome work Greg and crew.

  • SamEyeAm

    Tom F’s half-a-man of Michael Clark Duncan and Ving Rhames is strong. I still like mine but haven’t heard it on the podcast yet…Nick Cannon and Bill Bellamy.

    I was one of the people guilty of passing judgement on Dane Cook based on what I heard about him from other people. But after listening to this, I’ve become a fan. Not gonna seek out his work or see him in concert, but he’s no longer viewed in an unfavorable way in my eyes. The fact that he’s never had a drink in his life impressed me. I, too, am proud to say I’ve never partaken in an adult beverage.

    For a book title, how ’bout something like…

    “Dear Mrs. Fitzsimmons: …On the Bright Side, This Will Make For One Hell of a Book!”

  • tracy

    that was great and so igt

  • B Dizzle

    Andy Garcia’s half a man is Mark Strong, the Arab Intel guy from Body of Lies. Great podcast. Dane Cook is a truly unique comic with hours of great material. “You know what happened to Benson’s Animal Farm? It fucking moved!!”

  • steven

    half a man (well a 1/3): Roseanne, rosie o donnell, and tom arnold.

  • Tom F.

    Like the Nick Cannon / Bill Bellamy half-a-man, both guys I barely am aware of yet they do take up the same space in my mind.

    To go with the Ving Rhames / Michael Clarke Duncan, here is a third interchangeable deep-voiced bald badass brother: Delroy Lindo.

    And due to his slow-motion career tumble, I now put Tom Cruise in the same space as George Clooney.

  • Greg is cool and Dane is cool. Adam and Greg are in constant play on my phone. Nuff said.


  • mark medlin

    No one has made the point that Dane is one of the highest paid comics and Greg just does O.K. but Greg is much much funnier than Dane.

    I like Dane and i think he was cool for talking with Greg about everything the way he did. But i got just a small amount of doushy vibes from him when he was being serious.

    Great podcast

  • Andrew Kresse

    The Roe v Wade bit you quote is from comedian Mike MacRae.

  • Lloyd

    Wow. I really enjoyed this Podcast. This turned me back into a Dane Cook fan. I really appreciated his honesty and openness.
    Good jog Greg in bringing this out of him.

  • Susie

    I am now a Dane Cook fan. Thanks!