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Greg has Susie Essman in the SiriusXM studios in New York for this special podcast. They start off with some talk about books, what it’s like writing them, and how the subtitles is very important, and segue nicely from that discussion into why Greg is nuts, and why Susie can’t blame her teenagers for being crazy.

They talk more about Greg’s brain and why it is the way it is, what he takes for it, and how that affects him. They get into religion talk, about how Catholic shame is very difficult to get rid of.

They congratulate newly engaged Jim McClure on proposing to his girlfriend, and discuss his relationship a little bit, before all three of them in the studio play the worst round of Liar’s Poker in the history of the podcast.

They discuss Susie’s first experience with a penis, and how she discovered years after the fact what it really meant, Greg asks Susie lots of questions about a women’s anatomy, and they wrap up the show with a game of Rank ‘Em.

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Greg and Susie Essman

Greg and Susie Essman

Mel Brook and Greg

Mel Brook and Greg

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  • Jim

    Another podcast this week? Nice. This is the best news since I found out it’s hard to get AIDS from women.

    I’ll admit I missed the show a little bit last week. I started telecommuting recently and listening to podcasts helps pass the time. Still weird working from home, though…like what’s an acceptable number of masturbation breaks to take during the day?

  • JDub

    Get a new camera already! It’s a piece of shit!

  • vatchel

    Regarding Mel – We do not know what Oksana said or did right before pressing the record button. It could easily have gone like this:

    1. Rip Mel a new one, pressing all his buttons firmly down (“I piss on your phony death cult religion!” etc..)

    2. Then press record.

    3. As Mel goes off, act calm and rational.

    4. Spitefully release tape to the media confirming that everything he ranted about was true.

  • jordan

    where’s the mel brooks picture?

  • VonRiesling

    Love Susie. Where is the Mel Brooks photo? Second time you’ve said go to your site to see a pic and it ain’t there. Gripe gripe.

  • Scott

    Nice picture of Susie. So natural.
    She’s a clever girl.

  • cH

    Greg. A part of me has been missing since you came back. Don’t ever do that to us again.

    PS: That Comedienne from the club in NY was a HORRIBLE interview. I’ll make sure to NOT see her live if I remember her name.

    Your neighbor from way back when was more entertaining.

    keep it up!

  • Michael S.

    These last two podcasts were pretty terrible. Confirmed my beliefs that Greg is a pompous asshole and now I find out he's a complete weirdo. He WANTS his wife to screw other dudes when he's on the road? But ONLY if he just doesn't hear about it. And Greg used to get off to thinking of previous girlfriends sleeping with other dudes? WTF??

  • RT

    Greg – what the hell are you wearing in that Mel Brooks photo! Do you sideline as a whirling dervish! You look like you're wearing a bed sheet! ; ) Love the show, love you and loved Mrs Essman!

  • B

    Greg that was so honest about the ”jealousy jerk”. I used to feel that way with an old gf 10 years ago. I totally forgot about it till you mentioned it. Well done.

  • Tom F.

    Susie: “Is a handjob cheating?”
    Fitzdog: “I look at the question existentially, blah, blah, blah” *doesn’t answer the question*

    Wow. I hope his wife doesn’t hear this one.

  • David

    Still taking suggestions for your book?:

    Dear Mrs. Fitzsimmons:
    Informing a mother of what she probably already knows.

    An epistolary saga of
    delinquency & guilt…
    and other obligations
    of the Irish-American family

    -maybe a little too wordy, huh?

  • damnnnnn…. Susie Essman’s stacked! Lookin good!

  • Greg Fitzsimmons

    I hope the guy who thought the last TWO podcasts were terrible enjoys the next 12 he listens to. Reminds me of the old joke about the Jewish lady complaining at a restaurant; “This food is terrible. And such small portions”.

  • Greg,

    ‘Dear Mrs. Fitzsimmons, even an Irish asshole needs love’

    I think it has a ring to it.

    I have not read your book yet, so I’m just going with what I can gather. Keep it up, your show is strong. Loved you on Aceman’s podcast and vice versa. Keep it going, you make me laugh my ass off.

  • Tamsies

    This was a great interview.
    Susie was so open about everything and seemed very nice and centered, too.

  • mike

    awesome interview, one of the best shows thus far.

  • CuntHead

    Good work, whatever the fuck your name is, “Greg” is it?

  • Hank

    Dear Mrs. Fitzsimmons
    ” we need to talk about greg.”
    Catholicism, comedy, ADHD & me.

    Podcast is awesome . thanks.

  • SamEyeAm

    Half a (wo)man: Amy Adams and Isla Fisher

  • Gary B

    ‘Dear Mrs. Fitzsimmons, A Comedian’s Path to the Middle’