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Greg takes his family on their annual tour of fold out couches in relatives homes in New York. In snippets of the trip collected before and after the Fourth of July, you get an insight into what makes Greg’s family so interesting, and why he has moved so far away from them.

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Jennifer Grant

Jenn Grant – The comic Greg talks to

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  • Tamsies

    Jenn is absolutely beautiful. And I live in LA. Greg, you have bad taste.

  • Dude… get a new webmaster. This site sucks! Is it really that difficult to put a “download now” link on the first page? I dont need to read a synopsis of the show, I just want to listen to it, not that difficult…. or is it? Douchebag!
    By the way, LOVE the show! 😉

  • Tom F.

    Wow, Kevin Meaney’s wife was an awesome guest. What an amazingly horrible thing to happen to her, and yet she is getting on with her life and keeping a relationship with her daughter’s father.

    And Fitzdog opened up his feature act like a can of creamed corn! That was incredible the way he pulled out the ‘forbidden’ information from her personal life, and made her giggle about it. Nice.

    Here is a half-a-man three-way:
    Teri Polo, Monica Potter, Sarah Polley

  • Great show! But seriously, whats the deal with comics NOT being funny?! Is this what happens when the economy slumps and everybody thinks they can be a comic?
    Greg, you are an excellent interviewer! Loved how you turned a nothing guest into a fantastic interview.

  • admin

    Jeremy, there’s a listen now button on the front page of the site, and on the sidebar where ever you go to on the site.

    We like to highlight that and the fact that you should subscribe to iTunes, we consider the direct download the last option, but want to leave it up in some fashion anyway.


  • IQ

    Where are the pics of him and the fire hydrant in Harlem?

  • cH

    Cioffi- you’re an excellent producer and producing an excellent show, but I don’t want to visit itunes to get this bitch. I don’t have an iPod (got a mp3 player) and don’t want to deal with the conversion of formats. is there a way on itunes to get it in mp3?

  • admin

    cH … It should be delivered in mp3 format to you if you download in iTunes, in fact, I guarantee it is since that is how we host it.

    If iTunes isn’t your thing, which I understand, it’s not for some people, I ALWAYS include a direct download link to the mp3 hosted by us on the site here very carefully labeled. I’ve moved it recently, it’s not on the homepage as often, but it’s always in the post for a podcast.

    Thanks man! I hope that helps out, but let me know if you’ve got other problems/hangups.


  • dude… Cioffi… you rule! Sorry for the S talking, guess I'm the asshole for not seeing the listen now link. Keep up the good work man!

    The fact that you are actually replying to us jerks on here makes me like you that much more. And since you are such a good producer, I think I might just go check out your podcast 🙂

  • Kyle

    Book subtitle: Dear Mrs. Fitzsimmons: Your Son is reinforcing Irish catholic stereotypes.

    Overheard: I'm not checking any mexicans working papers til Obama shows us his birth certificate.

  • mike

    Dear Mrs. Fitzsimmons: it might not be too late to have an abortion.

    half a man: mario lopez and dean cain ( buff, washed up actors turned crappy tv host)

  • cH

    thanks for the info Mike!

    I already know, use and love your direct DL link from the site.

    question- you guys add up the stats from itunes and the homepage for your total DL’s right?

  • admin

    cH … definitely. If you end up listening from the website, iTunes, Zune, or any other podcast syndication, it counts for us.


  • Doug

    I stopped listening to this podcast about two months ago because all Greg kept doing was trying to get into some perverted shit and it just wasn’t entertaining. I come back and he spends 8 minutes trying to get the chick to talk about when she lost her virginity. Garbage content, I unsubscribed. See you in three months when there will be some other perverted story, then I’ll give up on this.

  • greg Fitzsimmons

    It’s painfully obvious that Doug has not yet lost his virginity. When he has I hope he can subscribe again.

  • Susie

    where are all the picts?????????????????????????

  • TBone

    Greg… I am looking for the pictures of NYC (playing in the water in the streets of Harlem)…… Where are they at?? Love the podcasts i hope to call in one day.

  • MEK

    For the record, Jenn is HOT